Adriana Cárdenas, Managing One of the Ten Best Credit Cards

Visa Inc, the global consortium for digital payments, published that Adriana Cárdenas is its new general manager at the Colombia headquarters.

The Woman Post | María Carolina Rivero

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Adriana Cárdenas is a prestigious lawyer from Colombia, with more than 20 years of experience in her profession, due to this, she was appointed the new General Manager of Visa and is in charge of guiding a business strategy, emphasizing on improving facilities and developing the approval of digital cancellations in the country.

Who was Adriana Cárdenas before she became Visa´s new manager?

She is an extraordinary legal professional, graduated as a lawyer from the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, between 1987 and 1992. Later, she completed a Master's Degree in Economic Law, at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, there years after her promotion, at the same time she worked in the Santander Finance Corporation, in the Legal Department as a sponsor of credit operations and Investment Banking.

The prosperous woman was an assistant to the board of directors at Financiera Energética Nacional S.A., where she held the position of commercial and financial analyst, only for board matters. In 1998, she was even at the Banco del Estado as investment director and assistant to the presidency, managing the portfolio in companies in the real sector and in liquidations.


During 2000, she dedicated herself to the creation of the cash management services portfolio of the Corporate Banking of the Bancafé Company. She worked in the product management of Granbanco, through the generation and administration of the portfolio, until she developed the integration, planning, and execution of the merger with Banco Davivienda, during the year 2005.

On the other hand, she diversified her strategies supporting as director of the Agricultural Pyme Banking at Banco Davivienda, designing the product portfolio. In this company, she was climbing positions until reaching the vice-presidency of means of payment for several years, according to Linked's platform.

What is the future that awaits Adriana Cárdenas in her new position?

Currently, Visa published on March 25, 2021, the appointment of Adriana Cárdenas as the new General Manager of the offices in Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, and Venezuela. She is replacing Humberto Guihur and will be authorized to lead Visa's business strategy in the country, focusing on promoting new opportunities and thus promoting infrastructure, increasing digital payments throughout society, according to the Forbes Staff platform.

On the other hand, she affirmed that she is proud to join the Visa team, even at this time digital payment help to connect people and businesses, supporting the creation of an inclusive economy in Colombia, according to La República web portal.

She even explained that the opportunities require that the team continue to strengthen ties with each of the actors in the digital payments environment, thus improving the role of Visa based in Colombia. Nuno Lopes, Senior Vice President of Visa, stated that the country has made visible a growing guideline in the admission of cancellations. That is why, with the experience of the new manager, the country will continue to contribute to the advancement of the digital ecosystem in the nation.