Are Women More Analytical To Make Decisions?

There is a lot of pressure when making a decision, and in that women differ from men. What happens when adrenaline rushes through your body? Their minds think and act differently.

The Woman Post | Daiana Stocco

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Since time immemorial, societies maintain that men are independent when making decisions, that they do so in a safer and clearer way than women. However, after many studies, myths were broken and it was verified that women resolve situations in a more analytical and formal way than men.

One of the studies carried out at Seattle University, by cognitive psychologist Therese Huston, interviewed thirty-four women and determined that female intuition is not based on deciding with the heart, but rather that women resolve situations in a more analytical and rational way, and are based on data and information when deciding. Within a company, are men safer when making decisions? The answer is that the more certain a person has about what they are doing, they resort to less information, on the other hand, the woman has more clarity about where she wants to go and has a more appropriate vision of what they know and what they need to find out.

It is a myth that women react emotionally to stress, on the contrary, they are rational, cautious, and evaluate the available options. However, it is important to note that all human beings feel anxiety or have some internal conflict when making decisions.


This myth is reflected on a daily basis when, for example, people say "that a woman cannot control her money if she goes shopping and irrationally and impulsively operates her financial controls," being that, in reality, women tend to be more careful with money and less vicious than men.

The woman is rational

A probable focus of the problem is nurtured by a lack of interpersonal communication. It is known that men are characterized by being more independent in making decisions regarding their finances and do not share decisions with their partners, taking risks alone. There are also those people who directly hide part of the money from their wives in case, one day, his wife can claim it from him. It is a constant "back and forth," in which the other's actions are speculated and they are judged without knowing.

Generally, in an average household, women are in charge of spending, and men those who generate the income. The more the economy and society develop, the less that rule is applied because there are more women who work and work several hours a day.

However, when it comes to investing money and making a decision, half of men are willing to take actions that reflect their nature, showing that they are carried away by adrenaline.

What is relevant is not gender, but rather that both have the same possibility of accessing information and that they become aware of their positions so that there is a good balance in decision-making. It is time to break the myths and the macho looks that judge women and take them as idiots. All human beings are qualified by nature to make rational decisions, only that women have been seen as "incapable" for centuries. It is time to react, to stop judging the woman.