Ricardo Silva, a voice that now shines in the sky

The Mexican singer and dubbing actor was recognized for interpreting the latino themes for Dragon Ball Z, Supercampeones, among other animated series .

Ricardo Silva

The world of dubbing returned to dress in mourning with the death of Ricardo Silva, a renowned Mexican dubbing actor. / Photo: TW-Ricardo_Silva_E

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The dubbing world once again dressed in mourning. On February 7, and after being hospitalized days before, the singer and voice actor Ricardo Silva died due to complications from COVID-19 . The great and successful trajectory of the Mexican had a great number of songs and performances in the world of dubbing in animation, which marked the childhood of millions of people throughout Latin America.

Silva had an impeccable work that filled him with recognition for many years, because among his greatest hits was the "chala head-chala" song from the famous Japanese anime "Dragon Ball Z" . However, his repertoire was as great as his talent with the voice, since he also collaborated with the opening of "Digimon 02", "Robots, Ninja", "Supercampeones (Capitan Tsubasa)", "Gulliver Boy", "Kenichi", "El Paraiso Hello Kitty "and" Pokemón " . Likewise, he also interpreted the opening themes of other animated series such as "Sonic: the hero", "Los Osos Gumi", "Bob, the builder", "Chip and Dale al rescate", "The little Muppets", "The Ninja Turtles"," The new adventures of Winnie Pooh "," The adventures of Silvestre and Tweety "," Drawing Duck " , among others.

On the other hand, the Mexican also largely fulfilled his role as a dubbing actor, giving life to countless animated characters such as Scoob in "Bob the Builder", Henry in "Thomas and his friends", Sherman Swampy in " Phineas and Ferb ”, Cheese Sandwich in“ My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ”, Gnomey in“ The Powerpuff Girls ”and Captain Slop in“ Rocko's Modern Life ” . To this extensive list can be added his performances in film and television in productions such as The Matrix (Mouse), Relentless Search (Victor), Scary Movie 3 (John Wilson), Miss Sympathy (Agent Grant), Shrek the Third (Puppeteer), The Iron Giant (Airplane Pilot) , as well as additional voices on Lost and Grey's Anatomy.

It should be noted that one of his most recent works was released on January 18, 2021, announcing the new musical theme of the series "Sailor Moon" where he shared credits with Gabriela Vega. In fact, Silva had published on his social networks the video with the invitation to his followers to listen to the song entitled Tú eres mi amor. “I'm Ricardo Silva and I'm very excited because my song that I recorded from Sailor Moon with Gabriela Vega is already on digital platforms. It's incredible, you can't miss it. Check it out, ”he commented on the video.

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Emotional farewells

During 2020, other figures in the dubbing latin world also lost their lives due to different circumstances. César Arias, famous for voicing characters from the Harry Potter saga and anime such as "Naruto" and "Saint Seiya", as well as Luis Alfonso Mendoza, actor who played Gohan in "Dragon Ball Z" and Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory , left a great void in the industry.

With Silva's departure, several colleagues wanted to dedicate a few last words to him. Patricia Acevedo, recognized for her voice as Lisa Simpson , published a photo with the interpreter at one of the many conventions that he attended.

Another of the great voice actors who remembered him was René García, Vegeta's interpreter in Dragon Ball Z.

Mi Richie Boy. El alma y el corazón destrozados. El cielo resplandecerá con tu voz para siempre. Me quedo con tus risas, con tus anécdotas y con tu energía maravillosa. Te vamos a extrañar mucho. pic.twitter.com/IwtURZrAsK

— Rene Garcia (@renegarcia900) February 8, 2021

Likewise, the great Mario Castañeda, the voice of Goku and countless other characters, also left his words of comfort.

Qué triste es recibir estas noticias... qué difícil entenderlas y asimilarlas... y aún así, me siento afortunado por haberte conocido y haber compartido contigo aviones y comidas, risas y escenarios... Te quedas en el corazón querido Ricardo... “Haré una Genkidama...”

— Mario C Castañeda P. (@ccp_mario) February 8, 2021

Songs to remember

An icon of latin animated dubbing and idol for thousands of generations. As a small tribute to his career, here we leave some of Silva's most remembered songs that, to this day, many of us still sing.

Dragon Ball Z

Super champions (Captain Tsubasa)


Digimon 02

Bob the Builder

Phineas and Ferb