Bad Bunny and his love for WWE

The Puerto Rican singer has been an admirer of wrestling and wrestlemania since he was a child and days ago he fulfilled his dream of appearing in one of the live events.

Bad Bunny in his presentation at the WWE Royal Rumble 2021

Bad Bunny is the first Latin artist to appear at a WWE event. / Photo: YT-WWE

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Believe it or not, music and sports are always linked. On many occasions, sport events are enlivened with grandiose presentations in soccer, basketball and even football, since everything is about entertainment. In fact, many artists are usually loyal fans of some discipline , such as Shakira with soccer or Jennifer López with baseball . At the beginning of 2021, a singer came out in one of these live shows, which, if we look closely, ended up becoming the first Latino to appear at a WWE event: Bad Bunny .

Since 1980 WWE has publicly branded its product as sports entertainment , recognizing the product's roots in competitive sports and dramatic theater. With this in mind, it is possible to fully develop and explain the winks that the Puerto Rican singer has had with this industry for some time. For those who have taken care of his lyrics, they will be able to remember, back in 2017, when in his song Tu No Metes Cabra he made mention of The Undertaker , one of the most iconic characters in WWE.

"Actuar en el Royal Rumble es un sueño de la infancia hecho realidad. He sido un fanático de WWE de toda la vida y estoy emocionado de subir al escenario y entretener a los fanáticos de todo el mundo". - Bad Bunny en un comunicado de prensa.

But that was just the beginning. Making a rhyme was not enough, so the next step was to invite wrestlers to participate in his music videos. The first to appear was, nothing more and nothing less than, Ric Flair, WWE Hall of Fame and who holds the record for the most championships (16) in history . More than one was surprised to see the wrestling legend doing his typical moves with the singer in the video Chambea . Shortly after, it was time for Quién tú eres, and for the theme there was no other better than Stone Cold Steve Austin , a very popular ex-wrestler known for his love to beers, which he shared with Benito and then applied his characteristic fighting movement.

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The most recent fighter to join the list was Booker T, the ex-wrestler's homonymous song and which was the perfect excuse for Bad Bunny to make his presentation at the Royal Rumble , an event that starts the road to Wrestlemania, which is like the Superbowl of Wrestling. With the official video clip already underway, and the song climbing positions in the list of Hot Latin Songs in Billboard charts, in mid-January the singer shared the news on his social networks that his first presentation of 2021 would be there, fulfilling thus one of his dreams as a child.

On the night of January 31, Benito not only limited himself to having his participation on stage singing Booker T accompanied by the former wrestler , because minutes later he participated briefly in the main fight by throwing himself from the third rope on the fighters The Miz and John Morrison . This performance caused a stir that continued the next day on RAW, one of the WWE programs, where Bad Bunny was supporting Damien Priest on one side of the ring in a fight that featured a blow with the microphone from the singer to Morrison .

It should be noted that after those two days, the hype was so high that the Puerto Rican became the leader of merchandise sales in WWE Shop, according to Nick Khan, the company's director of revenue . Just when they had made their participation in the Royal Rumble official, they also announced the possibility of acquiring a special limited edition shirt. And, as if that were not enough, we would have to add to all this the wave of rumors that the Conejo Malo would be training at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, with the intention of participating in Wrestlemania . If it turns out to be true, it would undoubtedly be another great step for Benito in his quest to continue fulfilling his dream in wrestling.