The best soccer players under 25 in Latin America

Some promising youngsters from Latin America are showing enormous level and potential. Let's know the most iconic cases .

Pablo Aránguiz and Alan Franco

These are some of the young promises of soccer in Latin America. / Photos: IG-pabloaranguiz10, IG-alan.franco.2

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Latin America is always the cradle of great soccer players. Through different generations, different players have surprised the world with their talent, achieving great victories in the clubs where they emerged. Others have reached great teams in Europe, where they also make the fans fell in love with them and made a name for themselves on the international agenda or in their own teams.

For this reason, our region is always the target of the different scouts on the planet who are looking for talents that stand out in the Latin American leagues. Mainly, footballers who are at a good level, but who have not yet reached their best performance. Therefore, below we present a list of the best soccer players under 25 years of age who stand out in Latin America.

Gonzalo Montiel

The Argentine right-back is one of the key pieces of River Plate, led by Marcelo Gallardo. At 24, he became an undisputed fixture of the eleven chosen by El Muñeco, providing an enormous criterion when going on the attack, but also defensive solvency that makes him one of the most complete defenders of the entire continent.

That good level allowed him to reach the Argentine National Team, where he quickly became one of Lionel Scaloni's starters. According to Transfermarkt, it is worth approximately 8 million euros, partly because of its current success, but also because of the great future he promises. He is one of the most interesting right-backs on the planet.

Thiago Almada

Another of the Argentines who stand out in the local league, although, in this case, in Vélez Sársfield. The team led by Mauricio Pellegrino has this jewel as one of its main offensive cards, but the truth is that they decide to take him step by step, since he only has 19 years, although with a huge future ahead.

This midfielder has great dexterity and agility, where the hip break makes him completely dizzying, helping to break the lines of rival defenses. By having freedom in the offensive zone, he can open the game for scoring opportunities and show all his quality on the ball.

Jorge Carrascal

The Colombian is one of the star cards that Marcelo Gallardo has in the River Plate. At the age of 22, he started out as a spare part of the Argentine team, until he alternated different appearances along with substitutions. However, currently, he has become a very important link to generate goal arrivals in his team, with his characteristic dribbles and his showy game.

Although talent was always assured, this Colombian jewel did not seem to have the necessary power to face some important matches. However, after a period of adaptation, he managed to find his best form and optimize his decisions facing the rival goal, making it a real headache for the opponents.

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Pablo Aránguiz

Perhaps one of the main youths that Chile contributes to the soccer world. At just 23 years old, he is one of the figures of the University of Chile, where he quickly began to show signs of being a hitch from before, with a good ability to retain the ball and a great possibility to attend the forwards.

On a local scale, due to his style of play, he is compared to Mago Valdivia or Charles Aránguiz, despite the fact that this young promise occupies a much more advanced place on the field. The truth is that little by little, he is becoming one of the main Chilean talents that our region will enjoy for a long time.

Yuri Caesar

Of course, Brazilian soccer also has promises under the age of 25. At just 20 years old, César is acquiring minutes at the Fortaleza, after a loan from Flamengo, who sees in it a true jewel that must be given rhythm little by little. Nobody doubts his great dribbling ability.

The player is standing out in Serie A in Brazil, which is why he will be re-caught by the team that owns his card. The truth is that it is very complete, since it has a good vision with the ball, but it is also completely unbalancing on both sides. Will he be one of the future stars of his team?

Alan Franco

Finally, this 22-year-old Ecuadorian midfielder is standing out strongly at Atlético Mineiro in Brazil . With an approximate market value of 2.5 million euros, this midfielder is making his playing style more and more complex. Its main virtues? The possession and the tread, but also his scoring ability.

As we can see, Latin America is a territory in which, historically, there are many young players who stand out. Currently, these are the main figures under the age of 25 in our region, although we do not doubt that many more will appear very soon.