The environment this week: Chile, Toyota and the European Climate Law

Chile made progress on environmental commitments in 2020, Toyota presents the North American environmental report 2020 and much more .

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Chile and its environmental commitments

2020 was a good year for Chile in environmental matters. According to the Human Development Index presented by the UNDP, Chile is the country that leads the Human Development position, thanks to the environmental index. The South American country was the first in Latin America to deliver its climate commitments for 2050. Although the pandemic meant the recovery of biodiversity throughout Chile, there was a refusal to sign the Escazú Agreement.

Toyota presents its 2020 North American Environmental Report

In order to minimize the environmental impact of the industry, Toyota launched in September 2015 its commitments to the environment for 2050, focusing on five specific areas: carbon, water, materials, biodiversity and community commitment. On December 16, the 2020 North American Environmental Report came out, highlighting above all the 9% reduction in absolute greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2019, the launch of three electricity-powered products, and community work for the conservation of water at two locations: Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Baja California, Inc. in Tijuana, Mexico and a regional sales office on the west coast.

Greenlight for the processing of the Climate Law by the Ministers of the Environment of the European Union

On December 17, the EU Environment Ministers presented the results of the projects planned for 2020, among which the European Climate Law stood out, which was given the green light for its processing and shipment to the United Nations of an even more ambitious goal of emission cuts by 2030. This is expected to be at least 55%, which was included in the Climate Law.


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Doubts about the appointment of Orlando Molano as director of National Parks in Colombia

There is controversy in the environmental sector in Colombia due to the appointment of Orlando Molano as director of National Parks, one of the most important institutions for the care of the environment in the Latin American country. Orlando Molano is former director of the District Institute of Recreation and Sports in the mayor's office in Bogotá, which raises concern considering that in his previous work he showed no interest in caring for biodiversity.

UN includes environmental impact in the Human Development Index

This week the UN said that it is taking this metric into account in the Human Development Index in each country, which implied that many countries around the world lowered their position in the ranking. Aspects such as greenhouse gas emissions and the use of natural resources were taken into account. Unfortunately, the UN reported that so far no country has achieved high human development without putting the environment at risk.