What to give to the little ones this holidays?

Every time we come to these holidays, Santa Claus has doubts about what is appropriate to give, especially in this economic crisis .

Little girl opening a christmas present

These are some of the toys that you can give your children at Christmas. / Photo: Pexels

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The holidays are a magical time, especially at Christmas. There, thousands of children wait patiently for their wishes to be fulfilled, with some special gifts that, logically, are given by their relatives. However, due to the current economic crisis, this time things could be a little different. 

So much so that, according to a survey carried out by Kids Corp, 85% of Latin American parents seem not to know what gift they will buy for their children. In addition, it is noted that 60% of those surveyed seem to favor traditional toys, since other items, such as electronics, could involve even higher expenses.

Although ECLAC estimates a 3.7% growth in the economy of our region for the following year, the truth is that this atypical 2020 resulted in a 7.7% drop, with thousands of families losing their jobs. That is why we decided to find out some ideas and situations to know what to give for Christmas 2020.

Gifts for an atypical Christmas due to the coronavirus

Christmas supposes the illusion of thousands of children, who hope that Santa Claus can deposit the toy that they so longed for under the tree. The problem is that, sometimes, the economic situation does not seem to relate very well to the wishes of the little ones. For example, a report by the Institute for Mass Consumption Studies (INDECOM) revealed that toys in Argentina register increases of up to 160% in the face of these holidays.

Being a time when demand increases, since many families want to have gifts for the little ones, companies seem to take advantage and get a larger cut for each item sold. So, that poses a problem for the families hardest hit by the coronavirus economic crisis.

However, the truth is that it is not all bad news. On the contrary, new trends are emerging to generate beautiful gifts, but also cheap ones . An example of this happens with one of the fashionable toys that almost all children want: the Funko Pop. It is a series of figures that excite collectors, but also the youngest.

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Basically, they are dolls with large heads, but with rectangular shapes, which present the most important figures in pop culture. Almost all movies, series or comics have their main and secondary characters represented in them, so there are thousands of perfect models for the little ones. However, there can be a problem: the price.

In that case, you can choose two versions: a smaller Funko, or a replica. The first will help you to acquire an original product, although also with a much smaller size. As for the second, better models with really incredible qualities are emerging every time, at a much lower value than the original.

In addition to this toy, which is one of the clear trends of this 2020, there is also a classic that is always requested in homes: Barbie dolls . Since October, there has been a 110% increase in sales of these classic figures, of which there are also thousands of versions that will surely please the little ones.

The same happens with Hot Wheels, a line of miniature vehicles that offer a wide variety of designs so that the little ones can have fun simulating races. In both cases, we see that there are different sizes and models, so you can take advantage of the offers on the Internet (especially in older models) to buy a special version at a discount. Otherwise, you can opt for a good quality replica.

The truth is that, in a battered economy, the possibility of finding offers becomes almost necessary. In this way, you will be able to satisfy the little ones by offering them classic toys or those that are currently in fashion, avoiding spending a fortune and generating smiles on this special date.