Memes have social distancing too

Some turn to poetry, others to humor in these times of social distancing, but we turn to memes.

LatinAmerican Post | Ricardo Avella

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It is true that most of us want to be sociable and yet the best and safest thing we can do is stay home and keep our distance from friends, family, and other people. For extroverts this is not easy at all, for introverts it is within their comfort zone, but for those who create memes, social distancing is a fertile area to unleash their creativity.

Finding the humor to survive this difficult time is a very useful strategy. People have turned to social media to publicize their feelings about social distancing, and the truth is that some are quite funny.

Share these memes about social distancing with your friends and acquaintances, it is one of the things you can do with them right now.







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