Be amazed with the new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries

Netflix has released the second installment of the new season of this iconic series .

Still from the series 'Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 2'

The famous production has already premiered its new season on the streaming platform. / Photo: YT / Netflix

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Who was not afraid to see the old unsolved Mysteries cases? This iconic series was on screen for two decades and achieved international fame for its numerous cases that shook its viewers. Murders, disappearances, paranormal and extraterrestrial phenomena caused fear and at the same time turned it into a cult series. After stopping production for several years, Netflix brought it back with a new season, released this past month, so the episodes are now available.

An icon of the 80s

Unsolved cases have always fascinated humanity, it's hard to forget cases like "Jack the Ripper". This is possibly the biggest strength of Unsolved Mysteries, the curiosity to imagine what happened to each of the characters that each episode develops. The series was born at the end of the 80s and since then it has presented many famous cases on the screen that thanks to the voice of Robert Stack positioned the program as one of the most watched in and outside the United States. From serial killers to strange cases with paranormal content, the series knew how to catch its viewers until the beginning of the 21st century when the original broadcast was canceled.


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Resolved cases

Such was the impact that many cold cases were reopened thanks to the fact that viewers provided clues that could help in the investigations. According to GQ magazine, more than 200 cases were resolved with the help of the viewing public. One of the stamps of the series was at the end of each episode, where contact details of the authorities and the program were made available to viewers in case they had any valuable information . The magazine claims that the program even had a call center designed to handle these calls. The creator of the series, Terry Dunn Meurer, said that in this new version of the program they have received more than 2,000 emails from the public with possible clues about the new episodes, according to the same publication.


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The reboot on Netflix

Although the series ended in 2002, new chapters of the series were produced on other networks but without achieving the success of the old chapters. Netflix picked up the series in 2020, premiering the first part of the new season on July 1. Among the changes that the new version of the series brought is the fact that they have chosen not to use a narrator, something fundamental in the original version.


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Throughout the six episodes that make up the first part of the season, we were able to learn about cases such as Rey Rivera's called The Mystery of the Roof, where a man left his house and appeared dead days later in strange circumstances without logical explanation. According to Esquire, in Rivera's case there are confusing elements, although the police even affirmed that it had been a crime, the reality is that there are things such as Freemasonry, possible problems with debts,  and strange behavior in the victim days before his murder. Unsolved Mysteries also dealt with a case outside the United States this season, a brutal multi-homicide that is one of the most famous in France, which in addition to the murders also includes a mysterious disappearance.

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Finally, another of the cases that attract attention is that of Alonzo Brooks, an African-American man who disappeared after going to a party with his friends. The police search did not yield any results, but almost a month later his family and friends were able to find the body in one of the places where the police had searched. The mystery is how he got there during that period and of course, what happened to him, the broadcast of this episode raised new leads in the investigation, which has led to the case being reopened, and Brooks's body being exhumed, according to Infobae.


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The new episodes

With a renewed format, compared to the original series, Netflix has released the second part of the season on October 19. In this installment, you will find two more international cases, one of them about the earthquake and tsunami that devastated part of Japan in 2011. According to Espinof , they are episodes with a great variety: murders, ghosts, catastrophes, disappearances, and more. Although it is a renewed format, the series has not lost that strange atmosphere that characterizes it that causes fear to those who see it, complemented by the disturbing musical theme by Gary Malkin. This season is perfect to see these chilling cases.


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