One Piece: the secrets of the best anime available on Netflix

The arrival of One Piece on the Netflix Latin America platform represents a considerable increase in the popularity of anime .

Still from the series 'One Piece'

We tell you the keys to the success of this anime story. / Photo: YT / Top Animes

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Netflix is taking a serious interest in anime. Recently, we learned that Netflix decided to include One Piece in its catalog. This is one of the most successful stories of all time, so we will be able to know, at least initially, the first 60 episodes of this adventure.

The fans were really happy with this announcement, because, according to the specialized HobbyConsolas website, it can be considered within the category of the "best anime in history", competing with important titles, such as Dragon Ball or Death Note, which became authentic cult references.

We decided to review what are the keys to the success of this story, which could show that anime, in reality, does not belong to a niche world, but is suitable for the consumption of all public.

The great secret of One Piece

To understand the success of One Piece, the first thing we must talk about is precisely its secret. According to the Hiramnoriega website, it is the anime adaptation of the best-selling manga of all time, which exceeds 450 million copies internationally. 

We are talking about a social phenomenon that is based, as we said before, on a secret: knowing what is the treasure that surrounds the entire adventure. That is, the One Piece is a legendary treasure that a successful pirate left hidden, so many others will decide to look for it and find out what is truly hidden there.

Under this interesting premise, fans not only explore the different facets of this interesting world, but also speculate their theories about this treasure. However, there is still a long way to go for this to become known, since we are talking about a work that is really extensive.

From La Tercera they highlight that it is one of the longest-running manga and anime that continues to be broadcast today.  This story created by Eiichiro Oda began its publication in July 1997, while in 1999 the television adaptation of Toei Animation began, having more than 80 volumes and 800 episodes in which the adventures of Luffy and company are narrated.

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In the CinemasComics medium, they also think that it is the "best anime for a quarantine",  since it has a large number of narrative arcs.

The most curious thing is that it is not the first time that One Piece will be broadcast, especially in Latin America. The youngest will remember that back in 2006 Cartoon Network also launched this anime to the general public through its television channel, something that currently generates some discontent with Netflix, since, as Tomatazos reveals, they decided to make their own Latin dubbing, without resorting to the existing one.

As happened with Dragon Ball, at the beginning it began as a niche product until it became an authentic Japanese cultural invasion. That is, it belongs to the strip of stories that not only remain in a small audience but also please the masses, something that they will try to achieve in Latin America through Netflix.



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