Lady's gambit: the new series on everyone's conversations

The Queen's Gambit is positioned as one of the Netflix series of the moment, let's see the causes of its success .

Still from the series 'Queen's Gambit'

The new Netflix miniseries is positioned as one of the most popular since its premiere. / Photo: YT / Netflix

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Netflix releases content frequently. Some with more success, others with less, but the truth is that there are some productions that deserve the payment of the quota. This is reflected by La Vanguardia with respect to, an "unusual" bet, but which justifies the monthly payment because it is "a tremendous vice".

The success of this miniseries was such that, from Area Jugones they wonder if "it will have a second season", because it reached number 2 on the platform and conquered both the public and critics, throughout its 7 episodes. Let's see, then, why The Queen's Gambit succeeds.


The success of The Queen's Gambit

Queen's Gambit is an extremely engaging series. Page 12 highlights that it is a story directed by Scott Frank, who was a screenwriter for Shining Minds and Logan. Hence, we get to know the story of Beth Harmon, a champion, orphan, and addict who is played to perfection by youth star Anya Taylor-Joy.

It puts chess at the center of the scene. Through its episodes, a myth that revolves around this sport collapses: that it is not entertaining material or tense enough for any audiovisual fiction. Apart from the fact that much of the story revolves around this activity, there are also other elements that make it stand out.

For example, within the cast, there is a transsexual actress who stands out on the show and who was able to fulfill her dreams through the effort. Rebecca Root, who broke the paradigms in England, says she is in a great moment of her career due to the popularity that her role is giving her.

In this way, the understanding of the different genders and even feminism are topics that this story covers in a completely successful way. What not many know is that, according to Misiones Cuatro, the new Netflix miniseries is based on real events, which made the audience feel immediately identified.

Beth Harmon, a young woman with intelligence that defies all known standards in the world of chess, is a character who was inspired by the novel by the author Walter Tevis. Basically, the author mentioned that the character is, in some way, inspired by the sportsman and chess player Bobby Fisher.

Infobae describes him as a "unique chess player" who became one of the best players in history. Hence, in the series, an attempt is made to replicate this same concept with a feminist protagonist, who will have to face the prejudices of many men, in a sport commonly associated with masculinity.

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This is why La Vanguardia considers it an "ode to chess", with a protagonist who steals the spotlight due to her interpretation. Viewers will meet, on the one hand, a conflictive woman, who must fight with dire addictions. At the same time, they will insert themselves into a sport that demands the highest concentration and strategy, achieving that rhythm that is completely attractive to the audience.

Precisely, from Hypertextual they place special emphasis on the performance of Anya Taylor-Joy, which shows "why she is one of the young promises of the younger Hollywood." In the story, the limits of genius are explored, which, many times, are complemented by a dark side, represented by the vices narrated in the plot.

Even the actress herself revealed, according to the specialized media IndieHoy, the possibility of a second season of this story based on the Cold War. She admitted that she "adores the character" so she would come back in case they asked her to. At the moment, you can enjoy the first batch of chapters on Netflix.