Creator of The House of Flowers will premiere new miniseries

It will be a story of appearances, homophobia, and family ties, set during Franco's Spain.

Still from the trailer of the series 'Someone has to die'

The three-part miniseries was created by Manolo Caro, who is also the creator of the famous series 'La Casa de las Flores'. / Photo: Netflix

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The Mexican director Manolo Caro (The House of Flowers) is the creator of Someone Has to Die, the new Netflix miniseries.

A period family drama

The production of three chapters is already available on the streaming platform and the director opts, this time, for the drama and the family thriller, in a story set in Spain in 1954, during the Franco era. The powerful Falcón family has everything ready to marry off their son Gabino (Alejandro Speitzer) and that is why the boy must return to his native country from Mexico, where he has been living for several years. The big problem is that the young man does not return alone, but accompanied by Lázaro (portrayed by the prominent Mexican dancer Isaac Hernández), which raises problems in that world full of false appearances.

An amazing cast

Caro is reunited with one of her muses, the Aztec actress Cecilia Suárez, who gave life to the unforgettable Paulina de la Mora in The House of Flowers. She will be Mina, Gabino's mother, and the only one who supports him after knowing his sexual orientation.

She is joined by the renowned Carmen Maura, in the role of the matriarch of the clan, Amparo Falcón; Carlos Cuevas, as Alonso, Gabino's friend, who represses his homosexuality; Ester Expósito (Elite), as Cayetana, the girl with whom the young man has been promised in marriage; and Ernesto Altería as Gregorio Falcón, the boy's father, a conservative and ambitious man who will turn his back on his family.

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A contingent issue

The persecution of homosexuality is the central axis of the story, although it also addresses issues such as family secrets, art, dance, and eroticism. According to the specialized portal Fotogramas, Caro declared that the miniseries “represent a new professional stage and I cannot have better company, a cast that was unimaginable and with exceptional interpretive quality. Without a doubt a project that has made me develop other facets as a creator ”. It should be noted that, in fact, it is Caro's first project outside of Mexico and also the first to play a dramatic key, far from the comedy that made him famous.

The series is a jump to the past to talk about an issue that is still contingent, according to Cecilia Suárez in an article in La Vanguardia. The actress emphasizes that “we would love to think that this story responds to the past but if we contextualize it today it is more current than ever. Globally there is a rebound of the extreme right and this series is a beastly reminder of what should not be repeated ”.

This is something that Carmen Maura also knows. As she told the Cinemanía site: "I swallowed the Franco regime for a long time. I perfectly remember what Madrid was like at that time. It was all very gray and difficult." The one who was also Almodóvar's muse details: "The clothes, the setting, the family relationships, that black thing in our history, hunting, which is very present in the series ... it was like that. And relationships with the service are something of what I remember so well, they are so well taken to the screen ”.

The script for Someone Has to Die was written by Manolo Caro himself, in conjunction with Fernando Pérez and Mónika Revilla.



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