5 Countries Where you Can Enjoy the Best Food

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There is something special about exploring the world and learning about different cultures through food. If you travel the world, take careful note of the gastronomy of these five countries.

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1. Thailand

Every year, more than 20 billion foreign travelers visit Bangkok, and Thai food is what many people seek. From vibrant flavors to endless street food cooked with skill and precision, this country is a haven for lovers of mixed flavors. One of the best dishes is the pot of grilled beef. You'd like to have another bowl of sauteed holy basil: minced pork sautéed with holy basil. This is one of the most comfort foods in Thailand. You can also eat a delicious green papaya salad garnished with fermented fish sauce.

2. Lebanon

Lebanese food is a rich mix of various cultures that have called the country home for hundreds of years. Influences from Turkey and France have added multiple cooking styles and ingredients that have made Lebanese food one of the most popular cuisines in the Middle East. Some of the best Lebanese foods are grilled chicken, hummus, tabbouleh, potatoes, olives, snails, meat skewers, and more. The typical staples of rice and cereals are complemented with fresh herbs and spices instead of sauces.

3. Mexico

The food of Mexico combines influences brought by worshipers of the Spanish conquest with a wide range of native culinary ingredients. It is full of intense flavors, rich in variety, and steeped in ancient tradition. Surprisingly, Mexico is home to 10% of the world's species with so many natural resources. It is no surprise that the country is responsible for introducing so many delicious foods for the rest of the world. The dishes that make up a perfect Mexican dinner are crunchy cheese tacos, fajita cones, and spicy watermelon margarita punch.

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4. Italy

Italy is a melting pot of cultural diversity. The Italian regions show their everyday cooking styles and flavor. The food of this country is famous throughout the world, with dishes such as spaghetti, lasagna, and ravioli. Some of the best dishes are found in Tuscany, a place that is all about food and wine. Fresh produce is usually homegrown, but can also be found in markets. Italians will cook very slowly and will enjoy it with their family and friends. The generous amounts of local vegetables and pork make the experience more enjoyable.

5. India

An incredibly diverse culture defines modern India, made up of 25 states in seven territories with people speaking 18 major languages ​​and practicing seven predominant religions across the country. This incredible subcontinent claims a wide and varied range of cooking styles, spices, and culinary philosophy. Many Indian recipes often include the fundamental ingredient of garam masala, which is many spices that are usually ground in a mortar and mixed. The most popular dishes in this country are masala dosa, dhokla, vada pav, and rajma chawal.

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