The strangest mass deaths of animals

Let's look at animals massively killed in strange circumstances.


These are some of the strangest cases of mass animal deaths. / Photo: Pixabay

LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

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Despite what we think, life in nature is not always so peaceful. Sometimes, it even generates different enigmas that seem to have no explanations. This is what happened recently with about 350 dead elephants in Botswana, which, according to the Xataka website, appeared to die from cyanobacterial neurotoxins in the water.

It was an event that, when it occurred, impacted the scientific community, but also people in general. The El Correo website mentioned that they were "inexplicable" deaths because they did not have the necessary evidence to determine what happened, although the image was really shocking, looking like a real massacre.

Against this background, we decided to check to see if there were any other mass deaths in questionable circumstances. Although it seemed to be an unprecedented event, to our surprise there have been several similar cases during this last year. So, let's see what are the weirdest mass animal deaths in recent times.

Mutilated cows (2002)

We begin by talking about a really strange case in the history of mankind. It was an event that occurred in Argentina in a wide area near Bahía Blanca, where a series of dead cattle with mutilations appeared, which intrigued the agricultural community.

According to La Nueva , the animals were killed with "very precise cuts." Most of the cuts were in the shape of a circle, being dry and without traces of blood. Although Clarín had mentioned that the deaths had occurred due to "food deficiencies or parasitic diseases", a state of collective psychosis was generated due to the fear of a "chupacabra" or people killing in some ritual.

Rain of Dead Birds (2020)

Can you imagine witnessing dead birds fall for unknown reasons? This is what happened in the state of New Mexico, in the United States. According to what the ABC media reports, thousands of birds began to fall from the sky in that region, although it could also be seen in Colorado and Texas.

Locals mention that the animals were acting strangely. They did not eat as before, they did not fly as high and they moved slowly as if they were "stunned." This is why the phenomenon seems to be explained by the drought and massive fires on the west coast of the country, causing them lung damage.

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Mutilated horses (2020)

Again, we return to appreciate the phenomenon of mutilation in animals, although, this time, it was the turn of the horses. According to the DW medium, this series of episodes occurred in France, arousing panic among the stables of the country, who saw how some 30 specimens were killed.

The horses had appeared with their muzzles cut off, their genitalia amputated, and their right ear cut off. This is why, immediately, it began to be thought that it was a kind of satanic ritual. The culprit was never found. 

Intoxicated sea lions (2020)

Finally, we must locate ourselves in the regions of Baja California, on the beach of San Lázaro, Mexico. From one moment to the next, according to the El País media, some 137 sea lions arrived dead ashore, which surprised the locals, but also the scientific community, which did not seem to understand the fact.

The main hypothesis lays in red tide poisoning, which, according to the Marine Toxin Laboratory of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile, is a natural phenomenon caused by some microalgae in the water, which can cause harm to people and animals.

Therefore, we see that both nature itself and human beings can be the main threats to many of the species that we are used to seeing.