The best Amazon Prime releases of August

Amazon Prime Video premieres were released in August 2020. Let's see what the hottest new content is.

Still from the film 'Interstellar' and 'Black Swan'

These are the productions that hit the platform in August. / Photos: youtube.com/Warner Bros, youtube.com/20th Century

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Amazon Prime Video is having enormous success. So much so that the specialized medium of La Cueva del Nerd highlights that it reached 150 million subscribers, something that it has achieved due to its ability to attract new content of interest to users, but also with its own productions, just as Netflix does. 

In this sense, we decided to find out which were the premieres of this new month, which can already be found within the platform. Let's see, then, the best series and movies available in August 2020 on Amazon Prime Video.

The best series and movies of August on Amazon Prime Video

In the first place, we can talk about Inés del alma mía. It is an 8-episode Spanish production based on the homonymous book by Isabel Allende, which tells the true story of the first "conquering" woman to reach South American lands.

Therefore, in Latin America we can be interested in this content, since the founding of the city known today as Santiago de Chile is observed. In addition, it had a very good reception from critics, like the Jugones Area medium that highlighted it as a "brilliant historical series thanks to its characters."

Another of the most outstanding series will be that of Fear the Walking Dead, which lands on the platform with its fifth season. In a post-apocalyptic world, we can appreciate a spin off of the main series, which was one of AMC's most successful productions.

According to what the specialized website of Espinof mentions, the trailer for this season 5 shows Morgan "in search of survivors of the zombie apocalypse" , which is why we can be sure that there will be a good emotional charge and the survival instinct will be essential. 

Let's move on to the movies. This platform is characterized by having a good number of "cult" films, so this month would not be the exception, as it brings stellar inclusions. In this case, the first 5 Rocky movies are added, starring Sylvester Stallone.

The DX medium highlights that this story tells the life of Rocky Balboa, a character who became iconic in the world of cinema . It is about a man who, due to different circumstances, became one of the best boxers in the world. In addition, the actor who stars in it is also the one who wrote the script, which made him a huge figure in the industry.

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Finally, we cannot fail to mention one of the most iconic productions of recent years. This is Interstellar, the film that made Cristopher Nolan one of the best directors we could see on the big screen.

It is a science fiction work, which narrates a bleak future for humanity, which can no longer live on planet Earth. The search for a new home in the galaxy brings new enigmas for the protagonists, in addition to different revelations that will be given throughout the plot. For this reason, the specialized medium Hobbyconsolas highlights “the force that makes it possible for men to rebel against their destiny”, showing us that everything is possible.

Now that we have seen the best releases of Amazon Prime Video in August 2020, we leave you the complete list of content along with the date on which it will join the catalog of this brilliant platform, which is becoming more and more popular among users.


  • Misfits - Season 1 to 5 - August 1
  • 24 - Seasons 1 to 8 - August 1
  • Bandish Bandits - New Series - August 3
  • Pan y Circo - New series - August 7
  • World's Toghest Race - New Series - August 14
  • Fear The Walking Dead - Season 5 - August 15


  • Rocky - August 1
  • Rocky II - August 1
  • Rocky III - August 1
  • Rocky IV - August 1
  • Rocky V - August 1
  • Interstellar - August 1
  • The Nun - August 4
  • Arkansas - August 5
  • Torrente - Complete Saga - August 14
  • Black Swan - August 14
  • Walk the Line - August 14
  • Our Chemical Hearts - Amazon Original - August 21
  • Dark Waters - August 24
  • Get Ducked - August 28
  • Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys - Amazon Original - August 28



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