Cobra Kai, another series renewed by Netflix

The platform will give a new season to the series produced by Sony for YouTube .

Still from the 'Cobra Kai' series trailer

The original 'Youtube' series will now air on the streaming platform. / Photo: youtube.com/Cobra Kai

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Netflix always has its subscribers on the lookout for renewals and cancellations. Series of great success are soon canceled and some that are considered of lesser quality continue to survive. Between disappointment and euphoria subscribers wait for news about their series. Also, Netflix has been characterized by bringing to life series from other producers and channels that had already been canceled, the example of Lucifer is one of many. Now, the streaming platform has given the opportunity to Cobra Kai that was originally streamed on YouTube.

Cobra Kai, a YouTube product

YouTube attempted to compete with Netflix with the production of original series, in addition to charging the subscription cost for the service. However, the result was not the best, so they decided to back off and change the model. They returned to offering free content, including the original, through partnerships with content producers already on their platform and working with advertising. In this regard, Margie Moreno commented to the newspaper Expansión : "We do not want to produce the next Game of Thrones, but we do seek to make content that the niche audience is interested in and that is well produced".


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The biggest attraction of YouTube Originals was undoubtedly Cobra Kai , a series that gives continuity to the universe started in 1984 with Karate Kid directed by John G. Avildsen and starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita. The franchise continued more than three decades later in this new series, recovering much of the original cast in a format designed especially for the internet. The result was a great success, so much so that, according to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia , it became the main YouTube series, but with the adjustments that the platform made to its productions, Cobra Kai was left in limbo.


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What we know about Cobra Kai on Netflix

Cobra Kai's production house is Sony Pictures, according to information from the same Spanish newspaper. With their future in limbo after the change of address on YouTube, the producers decided to find space on another platform in order to continue the series. Especially after the success among viewers and critics. The same newspaper highlights that 55 million people had seen the initial episode, which shows the attention that the series has generated.


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Hulu was the first one interested in taking over the rights to Cobra Kai , but in the end it was Netflix who took it over. The platform has announced that the first two seasons will soon be available to the public and incidentally, they announced the production of the third season exclusively , which could be released this year or in early 2021.

What makes Cobra Kai so attractive?

If you have not seen Cobra Kai you can see it on YouTube Premium, which gives you the option of a free one-month trial, or wait to see it on the Netflix platform. In this series we can see Ralph Macchio ( Hitchcock ) and William Zabka ( Python ) in their Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence characters, respectively. Cobra Kai relives that ancient rivalry between these two now-adult characters , whose lives have noticeably changed in more than three decades. While LaRusso is a great businessman, Lawrence adds failures to his life. Their lives cross again, apart from new young characters and returning characters from the film franchise. Here's the first chapter that you can watch for free on YouTube.

Its great virtue is to achieve the same emotions that the first films generated and that attracted so many viewers, it also integrates perfectly with the digital world and the new generations. Cobra Kai maintains drama and nostalgia by recalling moments from the past through emotional flashbacks , without neglecting the comedy and action sequences that occur in each chapter. The ten episodes of each season go quickly as they are barely 30 minutes each. The new characters, mostly young, add new plots and rivalries that in the end are the ones that put LaRusso and Lawrence face to face, who struggle with the problems and responsibilities of being adults.


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