365 DNI: the controversial Polish Netflix film

The Polish film, 365 DNI has reached the first spot in the top 10 of the streaming platform in different parts of the world.

Frame of the movie '365 DNI'

The movie released on Netflix, has unleashed all kinds of comments among viewers. / Photo: Netflix

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Based on the Polish writer Blanka Lipinska's trilogy, the first installment of the novel, deals with the kidnapping of the young "Laura Biel" (played by Anna Maria Sieklucka) by the hand of the Italian mob boss, "Massimo Torricelli" ( Michelle Morrone), who becomes obsessed with her after suffering an accident and the death of her father; kidnapping her when she was on vacation with her boyfriend and friends in Sicily and giving her 365 days to fall in love with him.

The film was released in Poland on February 7 of this year, managing to raise around 9 million dollars in the cinema sales of the Polish country, but it was not until June 10 that it reached its popularity and internationality since its presentation in the Netflix platform occupying the first place in Colombia, Italy, Brazil, USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Chile, Russia, Nicaragua, among others.

What is the reason for the scandal?

The film has caused great commotion on social networks, positioning itself as the erotic film of the moment, giving something to talk about with its explicit sex scenes, which leave little or almost nothing to the imagination and erotically surpassing the popular film of 50 Shades of grey.

One of the themes that has focused viewers' attention on the plot and has caused discomfort is the way in which the story romanticizes Stockholm syndrome and abuse against women; presenting the story of beauty and the beast as well as the representation of women as objects and reaffirming the idea that sexual abuse cannot be considered so if the woman enjoys the act. Comments such as "No girl wants to be kidnapped and fall in love with her captor" have been expressed on the web.

This is due to one of the scenes in the film where "Massimo" says to "Laura" , "I will not do anything without your permission. I will wait until you love me, want me and come to me ”while caressing her body.

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The scene where "Laura" wants to provoke her kidnapper by taking a shower and things get out of control has also been discussed.

However, there are users who support the film for its love story and sexual chemistry.

Thanks to the fame that the film has achieved, the main actors, but especially the Italian actor Morrone, who is now considered the leading man of the moment, have made themselves known worldwide, as well as the author, who thanked and commented from her Instagram account on the international success that the story has reached, crossing borders.

Likewise, the sequel was confirmed, given that the end of the film leaves great uncertainty about Laura's fate and her future with Massimo.


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