Biopics we can't wait for

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Here is a list of biographical films that we can not wait any longer to see .

Diana of Wales and Aretha Frankin

These are the next biographical films to be released. / Photos: John Mathew Smith, Cecilio Ricardo

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The biographical film genre is almost as old as cinema itself. In 1917, the world already saw Cleopatra's life brought to the big screen. It is undoubtedly a genre that also does not age and has been in fashion in the last decade: always in award season we see at least one outstanding film that is the biography of an artist or a historical character. Concerning a new announcement that Paramount Pictures has made, we bring you a list of biographical films whose premiere we can not wait.


The United States vs. Billie holiday

This week Paramount Pictures has announced that the director and producer of the project "The United States vs. Billie Holiday" will be Lee Daniels, known and acclaimed for his feature film Precious. The film will, of course, be about the life of jazz singer Billie Holiday. However, the story will revolve around how federal FBI agents undertook a covert mission to prevent the singer from singing her controversial song Strange Fruit, which, for many, was a call for resistance and had, in a way, started the Civil Rights movement. Billie Holiday will be played by singer Andra Day and the cast includes Trevante Rhodes ("Moonlight"), Garrett Hedlund ("Country Strong") and Natasha Lyonne.



Also released this week was the trailer for Respect, the feature film that MGM is preparing about soul singer Aretha Frankllin. The film will not focus on a specific moment in her career, but rather will show her evolution from shy girl to soul star. Franklin will be played by singer and actress Jennifer Hudson, who had previously had a role in a biographical film Dreamgirls. On the other hand, Forest Whitaker will play the singer's father, who was a minister and who discovered his daughter's talent for gospel in the first place. Mary J. Blige, meanwhile, will play singer Dinah Washington, Franklin's mentor.

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Bob Dylan

Although not yet titled, Bob Dylan's biographical film does have a protagonist: it will be Timothée Chalamet, the popular actor. The feature film will be directed by James Mangold, who had recent success with his movie Ford vs. Ferrari. It is not yet known what tone it will have, nor what specific aspect of his life it will explore, but without a doubt we are already looking forward to it, because both the life of the Nobel Prize-winning singer of literature and the performance of Chalamet promise an incomparable story. This would not be the first biographical film about Bob Dylan, as its predecessor is Todd Haynes' feature film "I'm not there", in which Bob Dylan is played by five different actors.



This will be the highly anticipated biographical film about Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales. Many productions have already been made of LadyDi: from films about her life to documentaries that closely follow her mysterious death. This time it will be about the last Christmas of the princess with the royal family. During these holidays (the story is supposed to last only one weekend), Diana has already decided to separate from Charles, Prince of Wales. This iconic character will be played by Kirsten Stewart, famous for starring in the Twilight saga, but also for other performances such as in the movies Always Alice and Clouds by Sils-Maria.