The last days of crime: bad movie, but very popular

The opinions of fans and critics are not always the same, something that happened with The Last Days of Crime. Let's see more details .

Still from the trailer for the movie 'The Last Days of Crime'.

The film was released on June 5 on the streaming platform. / Photo: youtube.com/Netflix

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Netflix is a huge means of entertainment during this quarantine. In this sense, the Sputnik News media mentions that the Spanish series are the "trend of the moment of quarantine", since they manage to eclipse many fans through their stories, although critics later disagree with these assessments.

However, the analysis does not only refer to series, but also to movies. In other words, the fact that critics value cinema with a more technical or artistic criterion does not imply that viewers, who probably do not have this knowledge, can believe that it is a good film.

Thus, we see that the recent premiere of The Last Days of Crime, directed by Frenchman Olivier Megaton, is an extreme case. This is so to the point that the specialized media of Rotten Tomatoes awards it 0% of positive reviews, something that was replicated throughout the reviews of other media, although the audience liked it. Let's see what could have happened.

The Last Days of Crime: Hated by Critics, Wanted by Fans

First, we can take the words from Página 12, which mentions that the director “accumulates scenes like someone ordering merchandise in a supermarket” . In this way, what is trying to say is that the narrative of the film is not very well understood, at a point where it seems not to fear ridicule.

Similarly, we note that Espinof's specialized website comments that "every minute seems like punishment." In addition, we are talking about a film that was recently released, since it has been broadcast since June 5 , which is why we are still in time for a positive review among critics, something that has not yet happened.

So what we know about the story is that a criminal struggles to return to the world of misdeeds after his brother's death, which occurred in a robbery . Basically, it is a story of revenge against those responsible for causing his brother to die, albeit with a really bad execution and awkward in some ways.

The Hobbyconsolas page also reveals that, despite the bad reviews, it became one of the most viewed movies on the platform . Furthermore, we know that this is a story that is based on the graphic novel by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini, with performances by Edgar Ramirez, Anna Brewster and Michael Pitt.

The idea of "audiovisual torture" and even clichés throughout various scenes is present in some other reviews, such as the case of the DiezMinutos website, which comments that "it offers nothing to see or consider". So to understand why critics have such a different view from that of viewers we must take one thing into account.

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Basically, people who sit down to watch content on a platform don't always read reviews by specialized sites. On the contrary, they decide to be guided a little by the synopsis, the protagonists and, on rare occasions, by the directors of the films. Then, the success of the visualizations can be measured based on the text that accompanies the film, which caused many people to decide to watch it.

Afterwards, whether they like it or not, is another matter, since the visualizations are still there. Despite the fact that the critics position it as one of the worst in the entire catalog, the fans decided to look at it and some even value it positively, since the Teletrece media mentions that in Chile it was the most viewed of these days, only behind the last season of 13 Reasons Why. Therefore, it is always good to give content a chance, as only we can determine how good audiovisual material is.