The best games for the upcoming PlayStation 5

After the official launch of the PS5, many new video game announcements for the console also emerged. Let's see the best ones .

Frame from the video game trailer 'Grand Theft Auto V'

After the launch of the PS5, Play Station presented what will be the games available for this console. / Photo: youtube.com/Play Station

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After an event held on YouTube, the PS5, the future generation of Sony consoles, was presented. Obviously, it was a really popular broadcast, where the TyC Sports media mentioned that it was one of the "most viewed presentations in history", with about 7.32 million people who saw the news.

In addition to announcing the new design and features of the console, the games that will be released at the same time as the PlayStation 5 were also revealed, something that, according to what El Mundo says, could occur on November 20 of this year. In this way, let's see what are the most interesting and important announced games on the PS5.


First of all, from Sony they wanted to give a nod to the old generations of consoles, since the Grand Theft Auto saga is iconic among gamers. Therefore, they announced that this game, which had been initially released for PS3 and later moved to PS4, will also be available for PS5.

The media La Vanguardia mentions that from Rockstar Games, the company in charge of the game, it was promised that users who have the PlayStation 4 version will have a million coins per month in the online game. Of course, all this until GTA VI is finally announced, which will be the future title of the franchise.

Ratchet & Clank - Rift Apart

Another return of a saga that the players treasure very well, although here there were no indications to suppose that they would return. Basically, it is a saga with classic platforming gameplay, where addictive gameplay is combined with the possibility of equipping different weapons.

From the specialized medium of HobbyConsolas they mention that, on this occasion, new topics will be addressed, such as that of interdimensional portals. At the same time, the 3D graphics will be completely polished thanks to the improvements of this new console.

Project Athia

For those who do not know it, it is the new title of Square Enix, a company known for making Final Fantasy games . In this case, we are talking about a title that is developed with the Luminous Engine, from Final Fantasy XV, designed exclusively for the console.

Although little is known about the story, we know that it will allow players to explore worlds where there will be different alien creatures, as with dragons. In addition, the story will be very important, which is why the Meristation media comments that Gary Whitta, writer of the popular Star Wars: Rogue One, works on the plot.


Here we see one of the most shocking and at the same time surprising titles for the launch of this console, since we can appreciate a space environment, where we will put ourselves in the shoes of an astronaut injured on a strange planet.

Therefore, science fiction is key in this story, as it is possible for the woman to find herself dead and wake up again and again in increasingly complicated environments, while fighting against her own memories. An ideal game for lovers of suspense and the universe.

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Hitman 3

Again, we have a sequel that many people expected, since the popular Agent 47 will return to finish a saga that is really well valued in the gamer world, where he will have to face the "most intimate contract of his entire career".

The BolaVip website highlights that this installment will allow "the locations and progress of Hitman II to be transferred", so that the content can progress. At the same time, everything seems to indicate that we will move to the city of Dubai , so the environment can be exploited graphically due to the hardware of the console.

Horizon: Forbidden West

With a spectacular trailer, which the Vandal website compares with that of Zelda Breath of the Wild, this is one of the most surprising and interesting announcements of the PlayStation event, since it is the second part of Horizon Zero Dawn.

In this case, we will have more Aloy adventures in that post-apocalyptic world, where she will be our protagonist and we will continue the path that was closed after the previous installment. Thus, the mission will be to prevent the Earth from ending, avoiding the dangers that we find along the way. Undoubtedly, the expectations of the launch of the console increased thanks to the announcement of these great titles. 


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