"Nubia and children", the YouTube channel of a farmer family

Due to the economic crisis caused by covid-19 and corruption in Colombia, a humble family decided to create a YouTube channel to teach how to grow food from home

Nubia and children.

The 'youtuber' family shares tips on growing home gardens on their channel and uses the platform to support the work of Colombian farmers. / Photo: instagram.com/nubiaehijos

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Land in Colombia has always been one of the great reasons for inequality. In fact, in terms of possession and distribution, it is the most unequal country in Latin America. And, although the Colombian Government boasts that one of its priorities is the farmers, their policy shows the opposite.

One of the great examples was the “Agro Ingreso Seguro” program, created by former agriculture minister Andrés Felipe Arias. Supposedly designed to favor the poorest farmers; but in reality it turned out to be a complete corruption scandal, in which Arias was sentenced to 17 years in prison, for benefiting the largest farmers in the country, granting them subsidies of more than 26,000 million pesos.

This is undoubtedly the reason why 1% of the largest farms occupy 81% of Colombia, while a million peasant families live in spaces that cannot even accommodate one cow; or that 80% of the land is for agricultural use, while only 20% is dedicated to agriculture.

From injustice and arbitrariness, a YouTuber family is born

All of these reasons, and many more, were enough for a brilliant idea to come to a little, 11 years old farmer, named Arley David Gaona. Well, in the midst of despair over the COVID-19 crisis and the lack of attention and care on the part of the Colombian Government; without having professional cameras, without electricity and with very little technological knowledge, young David proposed to his mother, Nubia Gaona Cárdenas, to create a YouTube channel called "Nubia and children", with the aim of teaching netizens, to cultivate their own garden regardless of where they are.

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And despite the fact that this humble family, from a municipality in Cundinamarca called Chipaqué, (located half an hour from the capital-Bogotá); hoped to reach many people, they never thought that their reception would be so incredibly successful in less than 24 hours: "We don't know how we became so viral in such a short time. " This was stated by Mrs. Gaona in one of her videos, which they called "food that you should only buy once part 2".

Thus, with the collaboration of a neighboring engineer named Sigifredo Moreno and his wife; (who are in charge of all the audiovisual production) and the social enterprise “Huertos de la Sabana”, they started this YouTube channel, which, in less than a month, has achieved 424,000 subscribers and more than 170,000 followers on Instagram.


Una publicación compartida de nubiaehijos (@nubiaehijos) el

In addition to sharing cultivation knowledge to anyone who decides to watch their videos, they also decided to create some "planting kits," which include three bags; a bag of earth; three seed packets and three small pots, worth about $ 7.

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The Youtuber family shares their achievements

"I don't want this benefit to be just for me, but I want to share it with all my peasant friends." These were the words of the head of the household, the mother of the two little youtubers, Arley David and Jeimer Alejandro. Well, during some of their videos, they have also decided to show the work and products that other farmers offer, in order to benefit them as well.

And so, little by little, several companies, different people and the media have contributed their bit with different types of donations, to make this innovative YouTube channel a great help to many farmers in Colombia and in turn, share with millions of people the value of nature and core knowledge, with the aim of fighting hunger and poverty in many parts of the world: “Let's make this viral video, so that nobody has to go to bed without eating, knowing that we can grow our own food at home, ”said little Arley David Gaona.