What happened to the protagonists of the most famous memes?

Here there are 7 people who have undergone a drastic change in their lives thanks to the memes that went viral on social networks

Laina Morris and the meme that stars.

We present you a list of people who went viral for a meme they starred in and how their lives have changed. / Photo: instagram.com/Laina

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In the midst of this great health crisis, many people have taken advantage of the time of isolation to create memes, because it is no secret to anyone that memes have become one of the main ways of communicating.

A meme can go viral in a matter of seconds, depending on the impact it generates on its audience. Many of them have been so popular for several years, that even the protagonists of these images have become iconic for digital language. 

For this reason, we decided to tell all the netizens who are the 7 individuals who hide behind these most famous memes and what the life of these characters is like after going viral.

Hide The Pain Harold

The man of laughter who hides great suffering is an electrical engineer named András Arató of Hungarian origin. His fake smile went viral when he accepted the invitation for a stock photoshoot. Five days later, his face appeared everywhere thanks to his facial gesture. And although András did not take his new popularity with much pleasure at first, because at one point he wanted to destroy those images, he could do nothing about it noting that he could not fight his new popularity. So he decided to accept it and nowadays he travels through various countries such as Turkey, Russia, Chile and Colombia, advertising for different brands.



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Disaster Girl

The girl with the devilish face is a girl named Zoe Roth who is currently 16 years old. This iconic photograph was taken in 2004, when Zoe's father asked her to pose in the middle of an entertainment session being conducted by the local fire department in North Carolina. And it was thanks to JPG magazine that the meme went viral with more than 95,000 visits. Currently, the young Zoe has more than 16 thousand followers on Instagram, where she uploads similar photos to the meme that made her famous.





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Bad Luck Brian

Who has not laughed out loud with a meme that has this face? Kyle Craven is the guy who has been laughed at in the digital world. Its popularity began when one of his friends took the photo published in his school yearbook and uploaded it to the “Reddit” social network. From then on he was known as the very unlucky boy. Today Kyle is 29 years old and enjoys collecting up to 20 thousand dollars from companies like Hot Topic and Walmart for using his photography for advertising campaigns.



Overly Attached Girlfriend

28-year-old Laina Walker is the girl behind the "psycho girlfriend" meme. The image became famous in 2012, when Laina entered a contest in which Bieber fans had to create the female part of the song "Boyfriend". Despite being ranked by the blog "Mashable" as "one of the 15 most famous people online" ; Laina announced on her YouTube channel, (to her more than a million subscribers) her official withdrawal from the social network that made her viral.



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" I don't know girl"

Although this little girl known as Mia Talerico was already a television star in the Disney Channel series "Good Luck Charlie", it was this image that popularized her on social networks with her "i don't know" gesture. And despite the fact that young Mia is no longer engaged in acting, she found her passion for dance. She also shares all her experiences on her Instagram account where she has more than 1 million followers.



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"Confused Face Girl"

This is without a doubt one of the most popular memes on the internet. The girl behind the funny, puzzled expression is Keisha Johnson. A young woman who, after having been teased for this photograph that a friend took to tease her, underwent an incredible transformation. Because in addition to having a dance academy, we can see her very sure of herself on her Instagram account, where she has more than 17,000 followers.


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Side-Eye Chloe

This little girl, who is currently 12 years old, became famous in the virtual world when her mother recorded a video in which she told her and her sister that instead of going to school they would go to DisneyLand. This was how her face of total confusion, led her to become one of the most famous memes in history. Currently, little Chloe and her sister Lily are very active on social networks, as more than 250 thousand subscribers enjoy the experiences of this pair of sisters on their YouTube channel.