The most extreme sports in the world

Although we can no longer practice them due to the coronavirus, we can review some high-risk sports that perhaps you did not know

Man performing a motocross maneuver.

Know the list of the most extreme sports that exist. / Photo: Pexels - Binyamin Mellish

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In soccer, almost all the leagues on the planet paused their activities until things get better. For example, the media Ámbito comments that the Dutch league ruled that the public will only return to the fields when the vaccine is found.

These decisions were made, then, due to the danger of carrying out an activity, exposing themselves to the possible contagion of this virus. However, there were other sports that also carried risks, not because of a specific context like this, but because of their very essence.

All of them had to be done outdoors, so, in these conditions, they are impossible to practice. However, it is also advisable not to do these practices -or to do them with all possible precautions-, so we decided to look for the most extreme sports in the world, which you should not try unless you have all the possible security measures at your disposal.


When you think about surfing, the first thing you imagine is some people with small boards in normal size waves. However, there are also other cases where everything becomes a little more sophisticated ... and dangerous.

In this sport, only suitable for experts, technology is used so that the surfer can move in waves over 8 meters high in extreme weather conditions. For example, there are times when jet skis are used to get around or the surfboards are connected to helicopters. 

Extreme rafting

Another quite interesting, but dangerous sport. According to the Infobae media, it is an adrenaline-engulfed water sport. This is why there are always trained instructors to rescue people in case they fall into the water.

Basically, this modality involves a great physical effort, navigating unpredictable places, where waves, waterfalls and even eddies can appear. Any unforeseen hit against a rock, for example, could be fatal.

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Freestyle Motocross

In this case, we are talking about an activity that can be very beautiful to see, due to the pirouettes performed by the pilots, but also extreme. According to what the El Comercio website mentions, freestyle motocross is “a challenge to the laws of gravity”.

It is an activity that requires high mental control, since any mistake, no matter how small, could cost your life. For example, the bikes jump more than 12 meters doing different stunts, so that, in case of a bad fall, the riders could suffer serious injuries.


One of the most extreme and dangerous activities in the world. The website of the media El País mentions that there is a documentary, of the same name as the sport, which implies "perfection or death".

This has a simple explanation: it is about climbing without ropes. Unlike other activities, where there is a certain margin of possibilities, a bad calculation could cause you to fall from a very high height, which would imply death.

Base jump

Another extreme form of skydiving. Many people say that when they jump from great heights, they feel "alive." However, here it takes more than just a desire to fall.

Basically the difference occurs in that you jump from stationary objects without an initial speed, so you land in random areas. It is not planned what could be the best destination, but everything is left "somewhat to luck". An activity only for the most daring.

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