The most curious Guinness World Records in video games

We decided to make a compilation of the most curious records on gaming history

Man playing with his Play Station.

The gamer community is also part of the records recorded by this famous firm. / Photo: youtube.com/Guiness Records

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Recently, the gaming community was surprised at the feat of a new player. As mentioned by the Gamer News website, a user known as DesMephisto made the longest stream playing World of Warcraft, having about 36 uninterrupted hours of play.

This occurs because the gamer community is growing day by day. Much more in these days of quarantine, where people need entertainment to be at home. For example, the media Chronicle mentions that the video game industry experienced very high growth in sales, both on consoles and on PC.

As there are more and more users, it is common for different challenges to be generated. Even the majority of the companies that produce the titles generate a system of prizes or medals for users who achieve different objectives. However, here we are not talking about common and ordinary achievements, but about real feats or eccentricities.

Although it may seem like a truly difficult or incredible challenge, the reality is that the history of these awards is quite long. Therefore, we decided to choose the craziest or most unexpected goals that people have set out to achieve. Many will seem impossible!


Most goals in a FIFA match

One of them can be seen in the popular soccer game, known as FIFA, which has a really large community of online players. In other words, matches are held (some more competitive than others), but always with relatively “normal” goals.

Well, according to what the specialized media Hobbyconsolas mentions, a German user known as Patrick Hadler achieved an unthinkable mark: 321 goals in a single match. The player chose his native country, facing the weak Cook Islands in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.


The longest game of Football Manager

Do you know Football Manager? Unlike the previous title, here you dedicate yourself to a career where you manage a certain team,  without controlling the players.

Well, the SEGA game has a player who broke a record in terms of consistency. According to the Guinness Record page itself, Michał Leniec was at the helm of Lech Poznań in Poland for 221 years, with a 258-year-old character. 


Minecraft's longest journey

Minecraft is an open-world game that allows users to experience different adventures, some more complex than others. However, we are almost sure that you will not know one as long as this.

Basically, the specialized Gizmodo website comments that a player, known as Kurt J Mac, has been walking in the same direction in a straight line since 2011. His intention is to reach the Far Lands of the game, something that is almost impossible to do without tricks. Will he succeed someday?

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Most video games

Ever wanted to have a wide catalog of games? Well, you may never be able to overcome Antonio Romero Monteiro, who is a true collector of different consoles.

According to the media Nintenderos, this is a person who entered the Guinness Book of Records for having 20,139 games under his belt. A truly high figure, since you also have to have space to store them.



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