Sports events that have NOT been canceled by COVID19

Not all sports in the world will be canceled by the latest pandemic, some still resist to do it.

Rugby stadium.

Despite the warnings, there are some sporting events that continue to take place. / Photo: Unsplash

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The Coronavirus has affected the sports sector like no other part of human activity. All or almost all major sporting events have been canceled due to Covid19. However, no matter how dark, unknown, or local, there is always a party taking place somewhere. Here at LatinAmerican Post, we tell you what is still going on in the sport.

The Olympic Games

In a measure that some have considered brave and others stubborn, the organizing committee of the Olympic Games in Japan has ensured that these will be carried out according to plan. In a statement last Tuesday, the committee said: "The IOC remains fully committed to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and with more than four months to go before the Games there is no need to make drastic decisions at this stage."

On Thursday, several members of the different Olympic Games delegations came out to support the committee's decision. For example, Matt Carroll, Chief Executive of the Australian Olympic Committee, told the Associated Press: "We owe it to our Australian athletes to do everything possible to ensure that they participate with the best opportunity in those Games."

At press time, Japan had 923 cases and 32 deaths, a surprisingly low number to be located so close to the origin of the epidemic.

Australia, the country without fear

Several Australian leagues have decided to continue their activities despite the high rate of spread of the Coronavirus. The AFL (Australian Football League), the National Rugby League and the A league have decided to continue with their competitions.

Australia's resilience is admirable considering that there are already 681 confirmed cases (as of March 19) and 6 deaths on its territory. However, it seems that sports fans have decided to continue on the side of caution.

The Associated Press mentions that stadiums are true "ghost cities". On social networks, rugby fans complain about an obvious absence of public and atmosphere. Some sports commentators, according to the AP, have also jokingly mentioned how odd it is for the ball to leave the bounds of the court and there is no fan to return it to the players.

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The Last Solace: Dog Racing in Alaska

One of the few events in the United States that was not canceled was the Iditarod Trail, a dog sledding race in Alaska. This is a 1609 kilometer race that covers a large part of Alaska.

Fans of the sport, despite being warned by the authorities, gathered at the finish line on March 18 in the city of Nome to congratulate the winner of the race, Thomas Waerner, a 47-year-old Norwegian.

"This is amazing," said Waerner after winning the competition. "This is very special."

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