The pre-Olympic promises that sound in Europe

These days the U-23 South American pre-Olympic qualifier is being carried out, classification in which ten teams, divided into two groups, will look for two places to be able to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Jorge Carrascal and Alexis Mac Allister.

Jorge Carrascal and Alexis Mac Allister. / Photos: instagram.com/carrascall, instagram.com/alemacallister

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz

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In this way, the two best teams in each group will move on to the next round, and from there will be quotas for the Olympic Games.

Well, the days that have taken place, and that will end on February 9, have shown the good level that players have, which are already playing to belong to European teams or in other cases, to ratify their talent before their New clubs From LatinAmerican Post we show you which players are in the eyes of the teams.

The interested

1. Jorge Carrascal

After his performance against Ecuador, and where he scored the second goal at 26 minutes in a blunt victory (4-0), the River Plate midfielder already sounds for a European club. According to AS, every time the Colombian has the ball, "he puts the opposing team on alert" since his skill with the ball usually ends in annotations or passes for his teammates to finish the action.

Thanks to its good performance, Ajax would be considering signing the Colombian and would do so during the winter market that ends on February 1. Although it is not yet known for how much and under what conditions they would sign him, the media Olé, revealed that “the Colombian player has a clause of 20 million euros with the River Plate for 90% of his pass”, so any club Who is interested in him will have to be willing to disburse that amount of money.

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Una publicación compartida por JORGE CARRASCAL (@carrascall) el

2. Adolfo Gaich

The Argentine striker, current player of San Lorenzo, has also had a very good performance in the pre-Olympic, highlighting the second goal he made after the brilliant pass of his teammate Mac Allister against Colombia. According to the coach of the U-23 team, Fernando Batista, in statements to Diario Uno, Gaich, is encouraged "always to go for the play, to go for the goal, regardless of whether he fails or not."

Thanks to these qualities, the Argentine is in plans so that the Belgian club Bruges wants it in his squad. According to TNT Sports, the European team would have already made an offer to San Lorenzo for 13.5 million euros, but the transaction was not made because the Argentines ask for 15 million euros for the striker. It seems that the Belgian club is so interested in its performance that it would complete the transaction in the next winter market.


Una publicación compartida por Adolfo Julián Gaich (@adolfogaich) el

3. Alexis Mac Allister

Another Argentine player who is in the sights of a European team. The Boca Juniors midfielder has stood out during the pre-Olympic, because in the debut he scored a goal from free-kick and down the floor, an action that tied the game against Colombia, a game that the Argentine team subsequently won.

Now the player might go to the Premier League, specifically to Brighton. It should be remembered that the English club acquired the Mac Allister pass in 2019 for 10 million euros, but the player did not manage to go to the Premier for visa problems, and that is why he stayed another year in Boca, when in the summer the transaction could not be completed

However, it was known that the work visa is now valid for the Argentine, so the arrival in Brighton would be a closer possibility as long as the English club agrees to give compensation to Boca Juniors.


Una publicación compartida por Ale Mac Allister (@alemacallister) el

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