The most expensive Christmas gifts from celebrities

Here we tell you which are the most expensive gifts that celebrities have given in these dates.

Parmesan cheese, Chrissy Teigen.

Parmesan cheese, Chrissy Teigen. / Photos: Pixabay, instagram.com/chrissyteigen

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If you think that the gifts you are giving are expensive or that has been your complaint at this time, we bring you, to give you some perspective, this list of expensive Christmas gifts that celebrities have given.

Of course, on our list you will find the Kardashian more than once but also other celebrities who have stood out not only for giving expensive but extravagant gifts. Here they go.

The giant cheese of John Legend


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The singer gave to his wife Chrissy Teigen a giant Parmesan cheese for Christmas. Apparently, this was a lifelong dream of her, that her husband would make come true. This extravagant gift is not only of an extreme rarity but also very expensive, since a giant wheel of this type of cheese can be as expensive as a jewel.

David Beckham's bag



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Like John Legend, David Bekham doesn't skimp on giving gifts to his wife, singer and designer Victoria Bekham. At Christmas 2005, he gave her the most expensive bag in the world: a Himalayan Birkin Hèrmes of Himalayan crocodile with 245 embedded diamonds that cost him around US$ 100,000.

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The classic cars of the Kardashian Jenner sisters



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It is common to make a collection among all the sibilings to give a gift to the parents, and that is the case of the Kardashian Jenner sisters. They all got together to give a Christmas gift to their mother Kriss, lover and collector of classic model cars. They gave her a 1956 Fordo Thunderbird. The mother sold it a year later auctioned at $ 57,000 dollars.

Angelina Jolie's waterfall



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It is natural that those who have their birthdays during Christmas dates end up receiving a single gift instead of two. This was the case with Brad Pitt. What it is not so common is to receive such gifts. When they were married, Angelina Jolie gave her husband a waterfall to celebrate Christmas, birthdays and their love of nature.

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Mike Tyson's golden tub



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Before everything ended with Robin Givens, Mike Tyson didn't skimp on the gifts he gave to his partner. Between them there were very expensive gifts, but perhaps one of the most extravagant was a gold tub that the boxer gave Givens. This gift cost 2.2 million dollars.