Liam Hemsworth's lawsuit and 4 other unmissable news

Here we gather the best of entertainment so you do not miss the weekend without knowing what happened this week .

Kim Kardashian, Liam Hemsworth, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Kim Kardashian, Liam Hemsworth, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. / Photos: instagram.com/kimkardashian, instagram.com/liamhemsworth, AP

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Here are the five most important entertainment news that took place this week in a single article for you.

1. The first temptation of Christ



This is the new production of Porta dos fundos, a Brazilian comedy group that now comes to Netflix Brasil with The First Temptation of Christ . This Christmas special is a 40-minute medium-length film that makes a satire of Jesus: it makes him gay, irreverent and enjoys sin.

This production is very annoying to the religious community of Brazil for not going with the image of Christ from the Bible. This nuisance has even reached Change.org, where there is a request for Netflix to withdraw the Christmas special, and even at the Brazilian congress the issue is being discussed.

2. The Kardashian Christmas photo



Una publicación compartida de Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) el


Kim Kardashian published her traditional Christmas family photo this week. This time only with her husband and four children. She confessed, however, that the photo is not entirely real. Her eldest daughter North was having a difficult time on the day of the photo, so she could not appear in the official image, so her presence is set with photoshop in the photo that Kim uploaded to Instagram.

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3. Liam Hemsworth's lawsuit

It was known this week that Liam Hemsworth faces a lawsuit for US$ 25,000 for an Instagram post. The actor published a photo of himself taken by a paparazzi. The rights of this photo belong to the author, that is, the photographer.

Although he appears in it, Liam Hemsworth has no authority over this photo, which was taken during the filming of the Netflix movie that he stars in Isn't it Romantic?

4. Paulina Rubio and Universal Music separate



Una publicación compartida de Paulina Rubio (@paulinarubio) el


After 20 years of relationship and 8 albums produced, Paulina Rubio says goodbye to Universal Music, the label that produced most of her musical career. Now, she defines herself as an independent artist and will produce her own albums. Good for Paulina!

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5. Brad Pitt is seen at the party of Jennifer Aniston, his ex


Una publicación compartida de Jennifer Aniston (@jenniferaniston) el


The actress, who recently opened Instagram, hosted a great Christmas party which, according to People magazine, was attended by her ex, Brad Pitt. The two celebrities were married between 2000 and 2005 and have recently had a friendly relationship. Last February this year, the actress also gave a party to celebrate her 50th birthday and the actor also attended.