Emily Ratajkowski's message to Harvey Weinstein

The model arrived at the premiere of Uncut Gems with a message for the producer that unleashed the allegations that began the #MeToo movement.

Emily Ratajkowski, with a message on her arm for Harvey Weinstein.

Emily Ratajkowski, with a message on her arm for Harvey Weinstein. / Photo: instagram.com/emrata

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On Wednesday, December 12, it was announced in the New York Times that producer Harvey Weinstein and his production studio, now bankrupt, would have reached an agreement for $25 million dollars with those who denounced him for inappropriate sexual behavior. This agreement does not oblige the producer to accept any inappropriate behavior and the money will not come out of his own pocket but from his production company. Likewise, the much-denounced producer will not have to go to jail as other defendants in the #MeToo movement like R. Kelly and Bill Cosby had to go.

This news fell badly to many followers of the Weinstein case and the #MeToo movement. The American producer is one of the most denounced names, more than a dozen, within the film industry and is also one of the international scandals that have sounded louder this decade. All complaints made to Harvey Weinstein gave visibility to the #MeToo movement in Hollywood.

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Emily Ratajkowski's reaction

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Among those unhappy with the news of the 25 million legal agreement with Weinstein's victims, is actress and model Emily Ratajkowski, who found the outcome of the legal battle that lasted approximately two years unheard of.

The same night that the agreement between the parties was announced, the premiere of the movie Uncut Gems took place, if which Sebastian Bear-McClard, Ratajkowski's husband, is the producer. The model and actress, then, decided to appear at the premiere with a small message for Harvey Weinstein: it was written on the inside of the arm "Fuck Harvey".

Additionally, the actress and model explained in her social networks what would have led her to have this gesture on the red carpet and spread the news of the agreement between the parties in the Weinstein case. On Instagram wrote: "Today Harvey Weinstein and his former studio made a $ 25 million deal with his victims. Weinstein, accused of offenses ranging from sexual harassment to rape, won't have to admit wrongdoing or pay his own money" This, followed by the label #nojusticenopeace. The model intends to protest against the lack of conviction for the heavily denounced producer.