The Taylor Swift drama and 5 other entertainment news

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Taylor Swift, Joker and Kylie Jenner.

Taylor Swift, Joker and Kylie Jenner. / Photos: flickr.com/evarinaldi, youtube.com/WarnerBros, instagram.com/kyliejenner.

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1. Can Taylor Swift sing her repertoire?

Within the last few weeks, the popular American singer Taylor Swift commented through her social networks, the restrictions that both Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun prevented her from playing her oldest songs in the tribute that the American Music Awards awarded her as an Artist of The Decade next Sunday, November 24.

The artist explained that both Borchetta and Braun, both participants of Big Machine Label Group, a company that acquired the old label to which Swift belonged, banned her from playing her first hits under the argument that “I am not allowed to interpret my old songs on television because they claim that I would record my music again before they let me next year”, the artist said.

However, and through statements given to the Variety media, Big Machine said they would not finally put up any obstacles for Sunday's ceremony, and therefore the artist could present a medley with her most representative songs.



2.'Cats' launches new trailer and social media explodes

One of the most important and popular Broadway musicals will hit the screen on December 20 in theaters in the United States. Well, recently the second trailer of the film was revealed, which stars Jason Derulo, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson, among others, and which left much to talk about in social networks.

On Twitter, for example, several users expressed the dissatisfaction they felt seeing how the use of special effects on big stars turned out to make them look as "cat" as possible. Others, on the other hand, expressed how the trailer scared them, even stating how it generated them nightmares. Finally, other users question the fact that the actors look more like humans than cats, their size and why they wear shoes if they are felines.



However, fans of the stars who star in the film are excited for the premiere of the film, which although it does not have a specific release date in Latin America, is one of the most anticipated films.

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3. The Joker would have a sequel

After this film broke several records, among which is being the highest grossing adult film in history raising US$ 788 million over Deadpool, is the possibility that this tape has a second part.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros gave the green light to start producing a sequel to this popular movie. The same media states that Todd Phillips would repeat as director and together with Scott Silver would be in charge of the script.

In an interview with The Envelope, Phillips said that "he did not consider the idea of making a sequel and that the project would only interest him if he was allowed to preserve the essence that made Joker successful," as Tomatazos tells him. Although it has not been confirmed if Joaquin Phoenix would accept to play the role again, he is expected to accept because both critics and fans have endorsed his performance.


4. We already know the Grammy 2020 Nominees

On Wednesday, November 20, the names of the nominees were announced for the next installment of the Grammys, which will be held in January 2020. Among the most nominated artists is the popular singer Lizzo, who hand in hand with hits like 'Juice' or 'Truth Hurts' is the artist with the most nominations: eight in total.



Una publicación compartida de Lizzo (@lizzobeeating) el


It is highlighted that the young talent takes the nominations, because the popular alternative pop singer Billie Eilish, with her success 'Bad Guy', shined to get six nominations; the same as the 20-year-old rapper, Lil Nas X, “whose catchy 'Old Town Roa' with Billy Ray Cyrus topped the Billboard singles for a 19-week record this year,” as Voa News says.



Una publicación compartida de BILLIE EILISH (@billieeilish) el


Rosalia, the popular Spanish singer of the urban genre, also received a couple of nominations: as best new artist and as best Latin rock album, urban or alternative for 'El Mal Querer'. In this same category is the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny (X 100pre) and the Colombian JBalvin with Bad Bunny for the album OASIS. Check the full list here.

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Una publicación compartida por ROSALÍA (@rosalia.vt) el


5. Kylie Jenner sells her company

The youngest of the Kardashians has given us much to talk about. From the birth of her first daughter, Stormi, until the end of the relationship with Travis Scott. Well, the socialite and businesswoman sold part of her popular makeup brand “Kylie”.



Una publicación compartida por Kylie(@kyliejenner) el


As La Vanguardia indicates, Jenner sold 51 percent of her cosmetics company for US$ 600 billion to the cosy multinationals Coty. However, Jenner, whose assets derive in about US$ 1 billion, is expected to remain at the forefront of the brand's decisions. According to Jenner's statements, "the collaboration will allow me and my team to remain focused on the creation and development of each product while leading the brand to be a leading international beauty company."

6. Scandal in the British royal family

Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth's third son, was involved in a sexual scandal that had an impact on the entire royal family. According to Reuters, the prince "denies an accusation of having had sex with a 17-year-old girl, who was introduced by his friend Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in a US prison in August while waiting to be tried on charges of sex trafficking."



The prince decided to give public statements in an interview, but instead of clarifying the accusations or his relationship with Epstein, they further fueled the disbelief of the British. Therefore, on Wednesday, November 20, the prince decided to renounce his public duties because of his link with the American businessman.

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