Talk, Tell & Post: the bilingual education revolution

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Here we tell you everything you need to know about the innovative, transformative and inclusive program of teacher training and student learning through storytelling

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LatinAmerican Post | Marcela Peñaloza

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One of the biggest challenges in the education sector is knowing how to teach in a fun and effective way without falling into boredom and obligation.

It is no secret to anyone that learning English represents a difficulty for students because they believe it is difficult and often end up giving up on this important subject. It is not easy for teachers either, because when encountering this barrier, they must resort to countless strategies that don't always give good results.

The good news is that Globsa and the Colombian Ministry of Education (MEN) designed an innovative program for students to have fun while learning English and for teachers not to have to suffer anymore. An exhaustive investigation and several brainstorming sessions led us to create a storytelling and journalism course that strengthens listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Children will learn English while they are journalists and investigate facts about their community. Plus, they can do it through a digital platform. Say goodbye to the boredom of monotonous classes.

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If you're wondering how this program works, we tell you that, since September, 50 teachers have been testing storytelling and journalism with their students as fun tools to teach and learn English. The boys have been doing journalistic research, interviewing sources, editing texts, taking photographs and building a media outlet. Everything in English.

The teachers had several training sessions with the English teachers of Globsa and the team of journalists and developers of LatinAmerican Post and The Colombian Post. In addition to having guides to lead the development of journalistic content, teachers were also trained to learn how to use the digital platform and learned to create web pages to upload content and create a media outlet within their schools.

In these two months, teachers have been transmitting this knowledge to their students and tuesday, November 5, we will know the results of the project. The best stories will be published in Globsa's newspapers and students will receive the corresponding recognition as journalists in training. We invite you to be connected with the updates of the project and the publication of the winning articles.

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