The Washington Nationals are the new World Series champions

In the middle of the traditional World Series, also known as the Fall Classic, the Major League Baseball postseason already has a champion.

Washington Nationals team celebrating the triumph of the World Series.

Washington Nationals team celebrating the triumph of the World Series. / Photo: mlb.com

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This is the Washington Nationals, who were able to come back as visitors on the last day last Wednesday. In this way, and against all odds, they won 3-4 in the overall and on day 7 they won 2-6.

It should be noted that this World Series brings together the champions of the National and American leagues. The winner is the one that gets four games out of the seven that are played throughout the championship. The surprising thing here is that the Houston Astros were the first to be a game of crowning themselves as champions when they won the day 5.

The Nationals is incredible because as Marca recalls, they were five times on the verge of elimination in the official season. They were not even among the ten favorites. But they paid attention to their motto "Stay in the fight", and despite having less than 0.1 percent chance of winning the championship, as predicted by Baseball Reference, they did.

The first Washington title should not only be attributed to the players but to the coach. At the end of Day 5, and with the possibility of losing the World Series, Nationals coach Dave Martinez still had the hope of winning the two remaining games in Houston.

At that time Martinez said: “We won two games already in Houston (the first two), so we can do it again. It is already (defeat) you have to leave it behind and think about the ones that come ”, according to statements collected by El Espectador.

And they knew how to solve it, because during day 6 they tied the series, forcing the Astros to define everything in the last game of the World Series.

The 2 decisive days

As we mentioned, the pressure that the Nationals had for not letting go of the Fall Classic was enough. Not only was the champion defined, but they had to go back as visitors.

In this way, day 6 arrived and in the Minute Maid Park, home of the Astros, the Nationals revived and as in the first two games, their way of playing, combined with the bats and pitches, made the Astros away from what seemed an imminent triumph. While the Astros managed to accumulate two points, the Nationals took control of the game and won with seven points in total.

Much more confident came to the game on day 7, a difficult and stressful game. According to Marca, Astros did not do a bad job on the offensive, but "the timely batting was the key that did not appear." It should be noted that until entry six, the originals from Texas remained high on the scoreboard. But entry seven came, and with a home run by hitter Anthony Rendon, the Nationals won three to two. And they did not stop scoring, since both entry eight and nine, he scored the key points to consolidate himself as the new champion of the 2019 World Series.

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A coach who was going to be fired

The Nationals season was not easy, and neither for coach Dave Martinez. That's why we were not surprised when the camera showed him and we could see Martinez crying tears of joy.

From the beginning of the season, senior managers asked him to be fired and after stabilizing the team, in September he had to undergo a cardiac procedure. For several games, Martinez had to sit down to control his heart rate since any strong emotion could mean a worse consequence.

Well, the coach of the team that was able to win five elimination games in a row, brought the Nationals together after the victory and how he tried to put into words the incredible season they had. Aiming at the trophy, Martínez said: “This is right here, and you healed my heart. Tonight I will celebrate with you because we are world champions.”

The MVP of the Series

The MVP (Most Valuable Player) was pitcher Stephen Strasburg, who became the first general pick in a draft to be named as MPV.

Strasburg, in his tenth season, led Washington to the victories of the Fall Classic in Game 2 and Game 6, according to Seventh Entry. In addition, referring to his prize in dialogue with Koam News, the pitcher said, "it's almost as if we had done so many times that we have to get punched in the face to wake up" (...) "We don't quit. We never quit during the whole season even though everyone says we're done."

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