Justin Bieber and 5 other celebrities with exotic pets

The Canadian singer was criticized for the acquisition of two fine and expensive cats, but she is not the only celebrity who has attracted attention for having ostentatious pets.

Justin Bieber and his two pets.

Justin Bieber and his two pets. / Photo: instagram.com/JustinBieber

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In just a few weeks, the new cats of singer Justin Bieber have drawn attention and their Instagram page already has more than 300,000 followers. Sushi and Tuna are the names of these adorable and exotic cats.

The news of the acquisition of these new pets in the Bieber family came full of controversy, because the breed, Savannah, is prohibited in many states of the United States as it is considered an exotic animal. This breed is known to be the largest domestic cat there is; they are a mixture with a buck cat, a wild cat from Africa. However, in California, where he resides, they are allowed.


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The price of these cats was what most impacted the animal community since they cost USD $ 15,000 and 20,000. The reason why PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) organization, focused on animal welfare, has criticized Bieber's action by ensuring that he could, better, have set the example for his followers and adopt pets.

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But Bieber is not the only celebrity who has exotic animals as part of his family. Here are 5 other celebrities whose pets have attracted attention.

1. Mike Tyson

In the movie 'What happened yesterday,' we saw the former boxer with an exotic tiger as a pet. Well, while this animal wasn't really his pet, Tyson has had several white pet flares.


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His three tigers are just some of the eccentricities that the boxer has in his house, which seems not so far from reality to the mansion they show in the movie. At the beginning of 2019, he said he had got the animals thanks to a car salesman who told him he could get all kinds of animals. Each cost him 48 thousand euros.

2. Kristen Stewart

It seems that the Twilight saga has not been the only environment in which the actress has been surrounded by wolves. On the contrary, she has lived with them since a young age. Her mother has raised wolf-dogs in California since the actress was a teenager, a pleasure she passed to her daughter, who has at least 4 crosses between wolf and dog.


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As illegal as this may sound, and has even been criticized, wolf-dog hybrids are allowed in California.

3. Miley Cyrus

Lately, they are fashionable to have as a pet the mini pigs, the miniature pigs whose size never exceeds the proportions that make it perfect for being a pet. Well, Miley Cyrus decided to go big and has a really huge pig.


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The singer and actress, who has stated multiple times to be a lover and defender of animals, adopted this little pig named Buddha Sue five years ago. Miley is not the only celebrity that has a pig, she also rescued a year ago, in 1998.

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4. Vanilla Ice

The rapper has a long list of animals in his home. However, among them, perhaps the one that attracts the most attention is its kangaroo. In an occasion, another of his pets, a goat, ran away from home. The kangaroo, who had been raised next to the goat, fled behind her. Both animals were found later.

Among other pets, the rapper also has two cats similar to Justin Bieber's, called King and Valentine.

5. Melanie Griffith

The renowned actress had nothing more and nothing less than a lion as a pet. The reason for the possession of such a peculiar pet, whose name was Neil, was because his mother Tippi Hedren and his stepfather and director Neil Marshall wanted to record a movie with the animal. Meanwhile, they lived with him, decades ago in the 70s.

After forming an emotional bond with the wild animal and launching the film in 1981, called Roar, Tippi Hedren created The Roar Foundation, which also has a wildlife conservation center. In the center, called Shambala, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, kept his wild cats.


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