NFL: 5 injured so far this preseason

A new pre-season week is about to begin, the games are held on Thursdays and Fridays until August 29 and there are already several players who have been injured in different games.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (L) celebrates with Nate Sudfeld after a touchdown during the Super Bowl LII.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (L) celebrates with Nate Sudfeld after a touchdown during the Super Bowl LII. EFE / EPA / JUSTIN LANE / FILE

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It's official. The preseason of the 100th edition of the NFL began on August 1. After almost six months without American football, the Denver Broncos and the Atlanta Falcons inaugurated the preseason, in a game characterized by the absence of the main stars. This first game was used for coaches to test the youngest talents, resulting in the Broncos winning 14-10 against the Falcons.

Within the NFL system, the injured are usually classified among types of lists.

As explained by AS, the first is about the Injured Reserve List, which is about those players with injuries so severe that they are discarded as the team estimates they will not be ready to play the season. Physically Unable to Perform (PUP), those players who are injured the previous season or in the preseason but will be ready for the games of the season. And finally, Non-football Injury, as its name indicates those players who suffered an injury off the field.

Having this a little clearer, we present 5 NFL players who have been injured during this preseason and may not be ready for the start of the official season.

1. Nate Sudfeld

The Eagles quarterback will be absent from the field for six weeks after suffering a fracture in his left wrist. The injury occurred when Sudfeld "fell to the ground and was hit by defensive tackle Isaiah Mack and linebacker LaTroy Lewis" of the Tennessee Titans, according to EFE.

In the end, the Eagles were defeated by the Titans, with a score of 27 -10.


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2. Nick Bosa

The rookie of the San Francisco 49ers will not be able to demonstrate his potential in the preseason games, because in a training the defender suffered an ankle sprain. According to the general manager, John Lynch in statements compiled by Fox Sports, "the team will look for the player to recover and even if he has no participation, he is ready to become uniform in the first games of the regular season."

Just one week after his injury, Bosa was seen without the boot that helps him walk and perform light exercises, according to Bay Area News, "Bosa was seen conditioning with some trainers."


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3. Blake Countess

The former Eagles player suffered an injury in the game against the Tennessee Titan. According to the official statement from the Philadelphia team, "Countess suffered a hamstring injury." As a result, the Eagles announced that they "resigned with an agreement for injuries."

According to the US portal, it is the second time that the Eagles let the player go, being the first after the preseason of 2016, where Countess finished in the practice team of the Los Angeles Rams.


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4. Antonio Callaway

The Cleveland Browns catcher suffered an injury during the game against the Washington Redskins; game in which the Browns won 30 to 10. However, for the receiver of the club from Ohio, it was a bitter night.

Not only did he present a sprained ankle, which would mean missing certain games of the regular season, but he was suspended for four games by decision of the NFL, who argues that Callaway violated the substance abuse policy of the National Football League.

The player said: “I take full responsibility for my actions. I made a mistake and I assume that. I have taken steps to become someone better, and I thank the Browns for being by my side and supporting me during this time. I know there is nothing I can say to regain confidence; Everything will be for my actions. ”


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5. Andrew Luck

Another quarterback who questions his participation in the next season. The Indianapolis Colts player has had several discomforts in his left leg after an injury occurred in April while training. Although the player was not injured during the preseason, the absence in the participation of the latter has generated more mystery against his injury.

So much so that the team had to give a press conference explaining what happened to Luck: “We believe he is dealing with a problem in the front of his ankle, in the upper part of the joint, which has been causing pain in the calf and lower leg, above the Achilles tendon. ”

At the moment, Luck does not have a specific return date.


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