'Keep America Great': the slogan of the new Trump campaign

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With an essentially anti-democratic and anti-immigrant speech, Trump formalized his candidacy for the next elections

'Keep America Great': the slogan of the new Trump campaign

Last Tuesday, June 18, Donald Trump gathered more than 20,000 of his followers at the Amway Arena in Orlando, where he announced that this was the start of his reelection campaign.

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A few years ago we heard about 'Make America Great Again ', when Trump used that phrase to call the Americans to join him in search of the true 'American dream', in which the Americans were who had the best opportunities. Approximately four years later, Trump returns with the second part of that speech with the motto 'Keep America Great', as a call to continue growing.

In a country where re-election seems to be the solution, Trump's candidacy does not come as a surprise. Since the end of the George Bush (father) period, 1993, the following presidents have lasted two terms in power, so the launch of the current president's new campaign was only a matter of time.

Two days before the announcement, Trump said that in the next few days the US authorities would begin deporting millions of undocumented immigrants. In case this action left any doubt of his anti-immigrant speech as an election flag, during the launch he used again that theme as the main one for his possible future period. In the midst of the message of support for the Americans and as a way to put the United States as a power over the rest of the world, Trump took advantage once again to foster an American dream that favors them to the detriment of illegal immigrants.

As a continuation of that anti-immigrant banner, the raids will begin next week, in which undocumented people will be searched throughout the country to be captured and later deported. The amount of illegal immigrants is around 12 million. Although this has been his purpose since the beginning, he has always had detractors within the same government, since doing this also means separating families, taking into account there are children who may have been born on American soil and, therefore, are already citizens.

In the middle of the same anti-immigrant speech, he recalled the theme of the wall, which was his main proposal in his last candidacy. He stated that "We have 400 miles of built walls. Stronger, bigger and cheaper. Imagine if we were not building it. How would we stop those caravans? "

There he also launched messages against the Democratic Party, blaming them for the delays that the wall has had and other controversial proposals in Congress. Had it not been for these blockades, the anti-immigrant policies would surely be more severe and, according to Trump, could advance more in the American dream that is interrupted by illegal immigrants.

Securing the ground

The Donald Trump that met with 20,000 people in Florida is not the same one who showed up four years ago, whose candidacy was not taken seriously due to lack of experience. However, today, with a 'great America again', according to his motto, the terrain is much more in his favor, although some analysts claim that he is the most unpopular president in American history.

This re-election does not come as a surprise to anyone, as the president made it very clear since he arrived at the White House that he would go for a second round. According to El Tiempo, days after starting in January 2017, his reelection committee was already constituted and has been working since then and even has a reserve of money raised.

In 2016, we also saw a divided Republican Party, mostly against Donald Trump being its representative. Today, 3 years later, we have seen how that Republican anti-Trump speech was gradually erased and began to defend him and his proposals fully. Simply that gives him an advantage over his 'self' of the first candidature, in which he still won.

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However, Trump's tactic prior to this announcement has not been solely a national strategy, because internationally the president has focused in recent months on creating alliances to support his re-election, but also to show the Americans the power and presence that the United States has now. All this is possible, according to him, thanks to the American dream that he defends.


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