These 2 apps help you identify why your baby cries

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Technology has advanced to the point that now, with just one application, you can know the reason why your baby cries

These 2 apps help you identify why your baby cries
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One of the things that most worries new parents is when their little one cries and they do not understand why. Of course, with the passage of time, parents understand their baby more and, in turn, the baby learns to express himself in a more understandable way. But the problem may appear when the baby is supposed to cry because of hunger or sleep, but when trying to satisfy these needs, he or she refuses food or fails to fall asleep.

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Keep in mind that your baby may be crying because something hurts or because is feeling uncomfortable, in any case, it is not easy to identify. That is why below we recommend two applications that you can download on your phone or tablet that will surely help you to control your baby's crying more easily, even if you are not a new parent.

1.Baby Translator


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This application arose from an investigation that was carried out at the National Taiwan University Hospital by the pediatrician Chang Chuan-yu. The application can be used with babies who are between 0 and 6 months old. The only thing the father should do is open the application, record the baby for 10 seconds and wait for the application to compare the file with the database it has. After 15 seconds, the result is displayed.

There are four categories: hunger, sleep, pain or diaper change. Baby Translator is available for Android and IOs, has a very low cost and is not yet available in Spanish.

2. Cry Translator


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This application has been so well received that it was awarded the gold medal in the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in 2010 and is in the Top 10 of apple sales of medical applications. The app was created by Luis Mecca, a Catalan economist who is sure that the technology market should focus on the emotional well-being of the client, based on this premise, he created Cry Translator. The application works by placing the device at 50 cm so that 5 seconds of crying are recorded; then the cause of the crying will appear.

The application also offers videos that recommend solutions to the crying depending on the cause.


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