The 5 richest singers in the United States

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In the list of Forbes' 'America's Richest Self Made Women', singers are also present. Which have the greatest fortunes in the US? UU.?

The 5 richest singers in the United States
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It is a fortunate step that more and more women are business leaders and are influential figures in all fields of society, from politics to sports. A proof of this is the list of 'America's Richest Self Made Women', published by Forbes a couple of weeks ago. In total, the list of 80 women accumulates a fortune of USD $ 81.3 billion, which is not a negligible sum.

Within this list of women 'made by themselves', is also some of the most recognized singers of music. Yes, they are all pop singers and yes, you probably know more than one song from any of them. Here at LatinAmerican Post we tell you who are the richest singers in the United States.

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1. Rihanna, USD $ 600 million


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'Work, work, work' is not only the chorus of one of her songs but also the motto that could accompany the life of this singer. After leaving Barbados and allying with the rapper Jay-Z several years ago, the race has not done anything but ascend and that is shown by the 37th position on the list.

Her fortune has not only been acquired thanks to his musical talent but also because she has taken advantage of that fame to create her own companies. A fruit of this is Fenty Beauty, the makeup company that created in 2017 and only last year achieved sales of approximately USD $ 570 million. In addition to the above, the star also owns Savage X-Fenty, a line of underwear fashion firm Techstyle Fashion Group.

Another characteristic of Rihanna is that she thinks of her fortune as a way to help others and to carry out her own projects. "The money means that I can take care of my family. The money means that I can facilitate the businesses that I want to. I can create jobs for other people. My money is not for me; it’s always the thought that I can help someone else or, in the future, for if I have kids", she said in an interview for The New York Times.

2. Madonna, USD $ 570 million


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The 'pop queen' has a long history in the lists that come out every year in Forbes, so much so that she was the first entrepreneur who appeared on a magazine cover in 1990. Not far from Rihanna, she is ranked 39 of the list.

It is a figure that does not need an introduction. From her first album, Madonna, in 1983 to the last one she released this year, Madame X, this singer has done nothing but create hits and songs that always reach the Billboard list. Among her business other than music, is the Semtex Girls brand, the perfume Truth or dare by Madonna and the chain of gymnasiums Hard Candy Fitness, among others, which have also added value to her fortune.

3. Celine Dion, USD $ 450 million


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Titanic was not only the highest grossing movie in history in the 2000s for the love story told but also for the soundtrack that accompanied the scenes. The most famous of all is 'My heart will go on', interpreted by the Canadian Céline Dion, who is ranked 46 on the list.

This singer has accumulated the greatest thickness of her fortune in the United States and in a very specific city: Las Vegas. No, she has not been betting fortunes, but thanks to the New Day Show she has presented in this city since 2003. With around 70 presentations a year, she has taken approximately USD $ 400 million to her wallet. To this, we must add the non-negligible sum of 220 million albums he has sold around the world.

4 & 5. Beyoncé and Barbra Streisand, USD $ 400 million


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These two stars of the pop, of a different time but with armies of fans of similar size, are tied in position 51 of the list.

On the one hand, Beyoncé began in the world of entertainment as one of the members of Destiny's Child, a girl band that seduced the public at the beginning of 2000. After that, the singer has built a very solid solo career that she has tried, among other things, to have been the first African-American woman to be a Coachella headliner, and even to make a documentary about it. In addition to this, she has also known how to take advantage of her fame to create companies such as Tidal or 22 Days Nutrition and be an image of recognized brands such as Gucci or Adidas.

On the other hand, Barbra Streisand is the star with more tour of this list, which means a giant record of recognition. In addition to having worked as a singer and actress in many seventies and eighties films, this legend has been the only one to have an album number 1 for six decades. She has also won all kinds of awards, including the largest in the North American entertainment circle: Tonny, Grammy, Emmy, and even Oscar.


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