The best cultural plans of Mexico City

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From art museums to craft markets, these are some of the activities you can do at CDMX

The best cultural plans of Mexico City

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Mexico is a country rich in culture, art, and crafts, that is why visiting it is to live a unique experience for many other things such as food and its people. There are many artistic and cultural activities that can be done in Mexico City, we tell you below some of these that you cannot miss.

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Craft Market of the Citadel

Mexican handicrafts are recognized worldwide, visiting the Aztec country is an opportunity to see all the styles and types of handicrafts produced there. That is why one of the best places to find the precious handicrafts and curiosities of the country is the Craft Market of the Citadel, from a glass bracelet to a carved headboard, as published by the portal CDMXtravel. This was created in 1968 during the Olympic Games, according to what this website publishes, the government held a call for artisans to exhibit their work and thus take advantage of the tourism that the event would bring to the city.


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Folkloric Ballet of Mexico

As a cultural activity, it is a marvelous spectacle that can be seen in the presentation of the Folkloric Ballet, one of the institutions and one of the most important in the country. It was founded by Amalia Hernández who, having experience as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer, formed her own dance company. In addition, as a cultural manager and after taking the company to another dimension, she managed to get to this day, where every Sunday at 9:30 in the morning at the Palace Theater of Fine Arts, it is presented. The presentation is wonderful and is something that must be done if you want to know more about Mexican folklore, music, and dances.



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Rufino Tamayo Museum

Rufino Tamayo was an important Mexican artist of the 20th century. According to the public page of the museum, he began to acquire works to create a collection of international contemporary art. Tamayo donated this to help the Mexican public get closer to the art of the 20th century and thus promote the creation of the Rufino Tamayo Museum which would house this collection and was founded in 1981. The artist's goal when founding a museum as stated on the page of the same, it is to enrich the aesthetic experience and the critical sense of the different spectators and public that visit it by means of the investigation and the interpretation of its programming. Mexico City is a very cultural city and although there would be many good museums to visit, the Rufino Tamayo is one of the most important.


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