A football field and 3 other buildings made with recyclable material

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In Russia, it was built the first field made with 50 thousand plastic cups used during the World Cup 

A football field and 3 other buildings made with recyclable material

Budweiser ReCup Arena is the name of the soccer field built in Russia with approximately 50 thousand plastic cups, used during the 2018 World Cup. This is the first stadium made entirely of plastic and was built by Budweiser.

This brewing company, sponsor of the World Cup, was responsible for the development of this field. Budweiser is characterized by its environmental responsibility, since it has other care and conservation programs such as the water donation program for victims of natural disasters and by 2025 the brewery expects that all the energy it uses will be 100% renewable.

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According to the official statement, "Budweiser has collected and recycled the Red Light Cups that were thrown away, using 50,000 of these cups to create an innovative colored and water resistant coating for a new field measuring 65 x 42 meters that will surely serve to that many of the penalty in the future."

Budweiser ReCup Arena is an example of what can be done to give a new use to plastic. But this is not the only case in which recycled material has been used in the construction of large mega structures. Here, we tell you about three other buildings.

1. Hotel Save the Beach

The artist of 'trash' HA Schult was commissioned to perform this work. The hotel was built with 12 tons of waste found on European beaches and all rooms were disinfected, according to CNN. The facility was inaugurated in 2010 in the center of Madrid and in 2011 in Rome. The work aimed to raise awareness about the waste left on the beaches.

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2. Don Justo Cathedral

For more than 50 years, Justo Gallego has been building a cathedral on the outskirts of Madrid. In 2017, The New York Times reported that Gallego did not have public financing or building permits.

However, this has not been an obstacle for the Spanish to build his cathedral. Since 1960, he has been working on a temple made of recycled material - cans, defective bricks, among others - and it has become a tourist attraction.

The cathedral, which has not been consecrated and does not have the support of the Catholic Church, has a dome of 38 meters and is flanked by two cloisters.

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3. Cano's Castle

Whoever visits Colorado cannot miss this 'castle' made with cans, although its owner Donald Cano Espinoza does not accept visits, according to CNN. The complex was built by Cano, a veteran of the Vietnam War, who was inspired by the castle Vitamin Mary Jane and Jesus. The castle is composed of four buildings: 'The King', 'The Queen', 'The Palace' and 'The Rook'. The structure is shiny because of all the aluminum that composes it.


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