Tips for going to the opera for the first time

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Have you ever been to the opera? If the answer is no and you are thinking about going, here are some tips to keep in mind before you attend for the first time

Tips for going to the opera for the first time

The opera is a show that combines music and theater, several activities that are appreciated and make it unique in what refers to art. The staging, singing and musical accompaniment make this an event that should be appreciated at least once in a lifetime. This time we will give you this advice to take into account if it is the first time you will attend a show of this magnitude. Let's start!

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1. How should I dress for the opera?

According to the magazine Vanity Fair of Spain, even the royalty skips the protocol of dress for this type of events. Going a little closer to reality, it is true that it is very different to attend an opera show at night or in the day, at the Metropolitan Opera in New York or at the Teatro Julio Mario Santo Domingo, in the opera season that presents Cine Colombia or the opera event at the park. So what each person considers as "well dressed" will be the correct thing as stated in this same portal.

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2. It is important to know about the opera you're going to see

This is very important, not only for the fact of looking good in front of someone else and knowing what is being talked about, but also for what it means to attend the show. The operas are in languages that are not necessarily the native of those who observe it, for this there are subtitles but so that you do not miss a second of the staging, you need to know who wrote them and what they are about. You can even read the scripts previously on websites like Kareol.



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3. Go alone or accompanied?

It is a personal decision, as well as going to the movies. If it is your pleasure to comment with someone about what they have seen, maybe with a companion who knows about this type of art, who enjoys and has a taste for it, it will surely be an enriching experience. In itself, the opera is a majestic show that makes your senses faster if it is well done. Not only for the music and the song of the artists, but also for the costumes and the staging. They are tools that complement each other.


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4. Cost of tickets

As it was said before, everything depends on the type of show you are going to attend but especially where you are going to do it. It is something that has to be taken into account, but art and what it feels like to see an opera pay for it. Attending an opera will always be worth it.



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Translated form "Consejos para ir a la ópera por primera vez"

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