5 things you should keep in mind when painting with oil

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Here are some tips to make your experience unique in the use of this kind of painting

5 things you should keep in mind when painting with oil

Oil is an oil-based paint, with a strong smell that is generally used on a canvas as support. This needs special handling because it is not any painting that opens and begins to be used immediately, it must be used with other materials and be careful with the quantities supplied. Here we tell you what you should keep in mind when working with oil.

5 things you should keep in mind when painting with oil

1. Protect your clothes

It is important to use clothes because some paint may fall on. Another option is to use an apron or larger clothing that can receive paint and cover the clothes you have underneath. The oil-based oil has a great difficulty when it is removed from a surface. It is possible to remove with varsol, but it may not disappear completely.

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2. Place the colors in chromatic order on the palette

It is important to organize the tones from the lightest to the darkest colors, as this will help you to carry out the work in a more organized way and to make the mixes in the center of the palette. It is not a painting to be removed from the bottle and painting directly, you must be very careful and organized at the time of use. The use of a palette is of great importance to be able to mix the colors correctly and thus find the color you are looking for.

3. Turpentine and flaxseed oil. What is it for?

These two materials are of great importance to carry out a painting because for the finishes and the handling of oil are necessary. Linseed oil brightens the finish of the paint and turpentine dissolves the oil, helping it to be more manageable.

4. Start painting based on a model

It is recommended to begin the painting by copying a model and previously carry out sketches on other supports as some paper in which it is possible to pencil and erase. The previous thing because to make mistakes in the canvas is possible but it is difficult that it is not noticed that an attempt has been made to erase with varsol. Better to prevent and do it right from the start.

5. Use very little colors like white and black

Black as such is a color that is used in large quantities gives the impression of a dirty piece. White can also be used more than anything to lighten tones, for example: make very clear clouds or flashes of light, depending on what is going to be painted. You always have to take care of the quantity.


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Translated from "5 cosas que debes tener en cuenta al pintar con óleo"

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