Eco parenting, a natural lifestyle

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A new type of parenting called Eco parenting is being increasingly chosen by parents who care about the environment

Eco parenting, a natural lifestyle

Organic farming is a much more natural and sustainable way of life. As Web Consultas tells us, it is a new vision about clothing, hygiene and the education of children and babies. Trying "greener" motherhood means assuming some habits that contribute to raising a baby in a much friendlier way with the environment.

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How to know if the product is ecological or not?

Today, many companies are leaning toward the self-sustaining and trying to produce their food and other products with the least amount of chemicals possible. This means that they put at our disposal the best options to promote organic farming 100%. Although many times the products are more expensive, this does not mean that the money was wasted, but rather that the parents try to make their babies as environmentally friendly as possible. Each country has different legislation regarding what is ecological. However, by reviewing the labels and observing which raw materials are manufactured, is more than enough. A certificate that endorses the product, is a guarantee that the product is fresh and comes from a company that is inclined to self-sustaining, it has gone through a series of controls.

Each country has a different stamp that describes that the product is ecological. This certificate must be issued by the relevant government agencies that establish different quality standards depending on whether it is a cosmetic, an air freshener, food or a cleaning product, for example.

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What can your baby use to be part of the ecological life?

As a first step, let's talk about food. Breastfeeding is the best example of eco-parenting because it is what the child needs since it is something natural, has the right temperature and is a constant source of food. In the event that it is impossible for you to breastfeed, because the milk you produce is not enough to satisfy it, you should know that there is totally organic formula milk that has all the necessary certificates.

When your child begins to eat solids, the ideal is to opt for organic foods that are seasonal. Avoid vegetables and fruits out of season, because its cultivation is not organic, but it is produced in artificial greenhouses.

What happens with hygiene?

In the market, there are many baby hygiene products that are organic, as well as the same with sunscreens and lotions. All have the advantage of being hypoallergenic so that your delicate skin will not suffer any harm when used.

We could not finish this post without talking about diapers. If you have children, you know that babies spend a LOT of disposable diapers a month. This, of course, is nothing ecological and much less good for your pocket.

Little by little, the use of reusable cloth diapers is being implemented (yes, the same as those used by our mothers and grandmothers). They can be one or two pieces and the only problem that they bring, in the beginning, is to wash them to use them again, as it is difficult to get used to. However, with practice, this will be super simple to perform. In addition, you will save a lot of money, because those same diapers can be used with a new baby in the future.


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