The new invention that is revolutionizing cycling

In the cycling world, a change of wheels similar to the one applied in Formula One is being implemented with the aim of having more speed and efficiency

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In various sports a series of novel strategies have been implemented in order to publicize different technological evolutions. In this way, cycling and triathlon have been focusing on the innovations that Formula One has been making recently.

This series of technological advances have been made in bicycles, wheels, helmets, brakes, among other aspects that have been fundamental. It is for this reason that cycling has presented a change of wheels to the best style of Formula One in order to reach more speed.


Triathlon Journal reported a publication made by Cyclingnews , in which it is said that teams use models to change wheels with disc brakes. This innovative innovation is being carried out at the moment by some of the teams that competed in the Vuelta a Valencia. Latinamerican Post analyzes this advance in the sport of pedals, which had never been used to date, hence its innovative character.

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Completely innovative and different

In the first instance, this new system is much faster, more dynamic, and it is essential not to lose time after a puncture or a fall. The web portal Triathlon points out that cycling is starting to work with electric guns to quickly screw the wheel.

In the Vuelta a San Juan that took place in Argentina, teams like Bora-Hansgrohe, Sporting Tavira, Beltrami, Quick Step had disc brakes. These World Tour teams already had these electric guns in order to accelerate the process in wheel changes to make them more practical.

"It's an innovation. It's a breakthrough that allows us to save a few seconds in the competition," Kas Johansson told Triatletas en Red. Johansson is the mechanical chief of Dimension Data and, according to him, thanks to the electric guns similar to the boxes of the F-1, changes are made in less time.

Similarly, Johannson stressed that the unscrewing of the wheel is done in two seconds, much less than if it were done by hand. The cycling teams are promoting this novelty that with the passage of time will increase and will be seen in different elite competitions.

AS highlighted its use in the Vuelta a San Juan, when Mark Cavendish suffered a puncture 20 kilometers away from the finish line and then quickly returned to the peloton. The cyclist was able to return to the competition minutes before the end of the sprint, and Johansson made this intervention thanks to a wheel change.

For his part, Neri Sottoli told Cyclingnews that they could use these powerful tools when they return to Europe to compete. Another objective is that all cycling teams run quickly on their bicycles every time they have a breakdown or a problem.

It is very important to note that this technology requires unscrewing and screwing the wheels every time you want to change in a couple of seconds. Extra time is necessary to carefully align the disc between the bearings as well as the smallest pinion with the chain.

It should be noted that in Formula One pneumatic guns are used to remove and tighten the screws during the change of wheels in the tests. The portal Brujula Bike pointed out that in cycling the same method is being carried out with screw guns, generating an evolution. The mentioned media indicates that this is possible because the disc brake allows to remove and put the wheels in a simple and effective way.


Great cycling inventions

Tires with camera were the first great revolution of cycling. Tuvalum indicated that they were developed in 1887 by John Dunlop. Thanks to this invention, cyclists were allowed to ride more comfortably and at a more comfortable pace during the tests.

Cycling is one of the sports that has been using technology tools the most and Trek Segafredo is using one called CA Flowdock. According to Enter, this platform allows the entire team to communicate, suggest strategies and have all the information available.


Latinamerican Post | Daniel Cuevas

Translated from "La nueva invención que está revolucionando el ciclismo"

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