3 tips to put a price on your art works

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These tips will help you to put the correct value to your works of art

3 tips to put a price on your works

If you are an artist you know that when creating a work of art you invest time, materials, inspiration and above all talent, and let's be honest, many of us find it difficult to understand the monetary issue and intervene in it and others are intimidated by the fact of putting a price on their work They will think it is very expensive or very cheap. For this reason, we have decided to give you some tips to take into account when putting a price on your work.

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Time, materials, inspiration

It is essential to bear in mind that you can not assign a price to work less than the amount that was invested. The production of that piece also took time to think about, to plan how to develop it, in addition to the time that in itself implies the creation process. It is important not to overrate yourself or underestimate yourself, for this the most practical thing is to make a small analysis of the artists similar to each personal case, reviewing their: trajectory, education, discipline, and reputation. Related to the above, it is different to determine the value of a painting, a sculpture or an installation.



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Market analysis

To know exactly which is the group of people who are interested in your type of art, it is necessary to expose. It is important to attend and start asking attendees what got their attention? A color? The technique? It will be there where you can find out what kind of buyer would be interested in acquiring the type of work you do. It is also crucial that you can ask that potential buyer where would you place that work so that at the time of carrying out the next collection or series you have an idea that it is possible that someone has the idea of putting that box or sculpture in a particular place of the house.



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Get to know

It is not enough to make yourself known when exposing in the galleries. In this moment in which the digital revolution is in all its splendor, yes or yes the tools that this offers us must help the emerging artists and with trajectory to manage to be known by a more full spectrum and thus increase the amount of people to the may your art arrive This will achieve that more and more lovers of the style in which you approach you to know, expose in many more spaces and, having more demand, you manage to increase the price of your works taking into account that not only has your audience increased, but your experience and trajectory too.



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