5 tips to start an art collection

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Here are some tips to start your art collection with the right foot

5 tips to start an art collection

Although collections can be anything, the best known are those of art. Many times it is collected without that specific intention, but if the collection is art, it is true that many factors come to play at the time of beginning to carry it out. If you are interested in starting your collection, we give you the following tips, so you do not fail in the attempt.

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Are you interested in art?

This question is crucial because it depends on it if you want to start an art collection or not. It is important to know that value goes beyond the monetary and is mainly in the love that one feels for art. Whatever you are going to acquire, in this case, a piece of art, should generate something in you and make you happy. Otherwise, it would not be worth acquiring something because it is fashionable because if you do not like it, you will end up hiding in an attic.



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Patience, a collection is not done overnight

Although it is not the main thing, for obvious reasons, the financial issue must be analyzed. Art is costly, but if you take into account emerging artists who still do not have as much demand, not only is this new art being supported, but you help your pocket. It should be added that quality is better than quantity because an extensive but disorderly collection is not always right. With time, you will achieve a collection that you feel satisfied with.



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If you like art, surround yourself with people who share that taste

It is essential to have not only with whom to share this type of hobbies, but also people specialized in the subject to receive the best possible advice regarding currents, styles, movements, and characteristics of the artists and their works. Eye, for this we must take into account the above mentioned: you must acquire the works, not for fashion, but taste and knowledge.



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Buy the best of the artist

This advice generates a question: how do you know which are the best works? As the newspaper El País quoted Ella Fontanals-Cisneros who has one of the complete art collections in the world with about two thousand works, this is known "Investigating in depth in his work." Thus, one must know in depth about the artist and his work to identify which would be his best works and thus acquire them.



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It's right to be wrong

It is likely that works you buy do not like you or that at some point you decide to make a gift, give them away and regret them, but those bad decisions are part of life in general. But this will not stop you from continuing to carry out a collection of which you feel satisfied.



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