This is the Amazon Prime Video content that you can't miss

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This is the Amazon Prime Video content that you can't miss

We know that Netflix is the king of streaming. However, there are many other platforms that are producing new original content that should be reviewed and that can give a break to the signature that can already be seen in Netflix content. In the Golden Globe awards, for example, Prime Video, Amazon's streaming platform, received nine nominations. Although slowly, Prime Video is making its way into the world of streaming and television, now not only as a distributor but also as a producer. You can have access to the platform if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, if not, you can become a subscriber for approximately $ 3 per month in Latin America (monthly fees may vary depending on the location). Like all platforms, Prime Video offers a free 7-day trial. Here is our list for you to be encouraged to give a chance to other platforms.

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

A Jewish housewife who lives in the Upper West Side of New York during the 50s discovers that she has talent for stand up comedy after her husband leaves her and admits that he has been cheating her with his secretary. This original comedy of Prime Video reflects on the art of stand-up while denouncing and mocking the sexist dynamics in this era. It is an intelligent and insightful comedy with a complex protagonist who walks between being a very own woman with her parents and her husband and being an irreverent comedian on stage. It has two seasons, the first of 8 episodes and the second of 10. This year, Rachel Brosnahan, who plays Midge Maisel, the protagonist, won the Globe of Ooro for Best Actress in a comedy or musical. He also won three Critict's Choice Awards.

A Very English Scandal

Based on John Preston's book , this three-episode miniseries tells the story of the scandal of British liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe, who had to be tried in 1979 for allegedly conspiring to assassinate his former lover Norman Josiffe in the face of the threat of This to expose their romance during the sixties. It is starring Hugh Grant and Ben Wishaw and co-produced by the BBC, so it is also a very English series. It was nominated for Best Miniseries or film for television and Ben Wishaw won the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries.


Although Prime Video stands out above all for its comedies, this thriller is fashionable. Besides being the debut of Julia Roberts on the small screen, this series won three nominations for the Golden Globe. The story revolves around Heidi Bergman, played by Roberts, a worker who helps soldiers to return to civilian life . Now Bergman lives retired with a waitress job with his mother and is called to recall his times in Homecoming, the facility where he worked.


Mort, a retired university professor from UCLA, brings his family together to give him the news that he has decided to live from now on as a woman, because that is how he has felt all his life. His three children and his wife must, then, deal with the new situation. The series explores the theme of gender change from a different perspective and does not close meanings or say truths, but asks questions and studies the situation: it is an exploration of the subject that gives a view from different perspectives. Although it is a comedy, the theme is not taken lightly. It already goes 4 seasons, each of 10 episodes. Jeffrey Tambor has been nominated 22 times for his role in Transparent in various awards and has won 13 times. In his acceptance speeches he usually promotes the hiring of trans actors and actresses for this kind of roles.

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Mozart In The Jungle

It is based on the memoirs of oboist Blair Tindall about her experience at the New York Philharmonic. It is starring the Mexican Gael García in the role of maestro Rodrigo De Souza, who comes to the Philharmonic to make many changes and to become more liberal to the stiff musicians. In general he has favorable reviews and a score of 95% on the Rotten Tomatoes portal. It has 4 seasons, all of 10 episodes.


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