Critics Choice Awards: The highest grossing winning films

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On Sunday, January 13, the Critics Choice Awards were presented, how did the winning films go at the box office?

Critics Choice Awards: The highest grossing winning films

That critics acclaim a film does not mean that it is more beloved by the public. While it is true that criticism has some power over our way of consuming cinema and influences the billboard and what we pay to see, the truth is that commercial cinema is sometimes far from what the critics think. How far is what the audience applauds and what the critics reward? This Sunday, January 13, the Critic's Choice Awards took place, prizes awarded by the Broadcast Film Critics Association for the best productions of the year 2018. We present the list of winners and show you how well (or poorly) they were at the box office so that you draw your conclusions.

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This movie is perhaps the most commented movie of the last months. In this case, it was the one that won the most awards. The remembrance of the childhood of Cuarón won 4 awards: Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Foreign Language Film. It is difficult to know with clarity the real figures of reception of part of the public of this film because it is available in streaming in the platform of Netflix and also in the big screen. Also, since winning the Golden Lion several months ago at the Venice International Film Festival, even before it was released, there was already a lot of expectation around this film. According to the website Deadline, Rome picked up in the first five days after its premiere around 200,000 dollars in the United States, a figure that does not compare with the 67 million raised by the criticized Aquaman on the weekend of its premiere, yes Surprising considering that it is a movie in Spanish.

Black Panther

In this film, the favorite of the public (the superheroes) and the favorite of the critics (a well-written plot accompanied by some claim of race or gender) meet. So this film reconciles the audience with criticism, and this can be seen in the collection figures. It was nothing more and nothing less than 25 weeks in theaters in which, according to the specialized website Box Office Mojo, raised more than 1.300 million dollars worldwide and positioned itself with it in the second place in the blockbuster films of 2018. Critics, meanwhile, was awarded three awards: Best production design, Best costume design, and Best special effects.


Biopics are in trend, and although the public much love some like Bohemian Rhapsody, they are too lax for critics. This is not the case of Vice, the biographical film based on the life of Dick Cheney, former vice president of the United States. This film, starring Cristian Bale, who once again has been completely transformed for the interpretation of a character, has won three awards: Best actor, Best actor in a comedy and Best makeup and hairstyle. Vice has not yet premiered in Latin America or any other country outside of North America and already exceeds the much-rewarded Rome. According to Box Office Mojo, the film has so far raised around 35 million dollars.

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A Quiet Place

John Krasinski collaborates with his wife, Emily Blunt. Together they star in this horror film that he directs. He won the Best horror or science fiction film. The film, which tells how a family must survive creatures with a very sharp ear in a post-apocalyptic world, raised just over 50 million dollars on the weekend of its premiere, not much less than the super-blockbuster Aquaman. And of course, if there is nothing that the public enjoys more than a good scare in the middle of the end of the world.

Crazy Rich Asians

It seems that the romantic comedies always fall in love with the public, and although it is a genre that we consume in quantities, this film that won the award for the best comedy film raised just 26 million dollars on the weekend of its release. It figures that although it is not at all despicable, it is almost barely half of what it collected A quiet place, its equivalent in the genre of terror. It could be said, however, that this film, based on a book that tells how an Asian woman has to face different social situations when she learns that her partner is incredibly rich when accompanying him to a wedding in his country of origin, was victorious. It raised a total of approximately 238 million dollars.

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout

There is no loses with Mission impossible. This film won the award for Best Action Film and is the one that has raised the most money from our list. Although the genre of action has to do, it is a genre of the most commercial; this film did have a special reception within the public. With its 791 million dollars of collection surpasses any other movie in the franchise, even the first, which is usually the most critically acclaimed. It seems that the real impossible mission is for the public to get tired of watching Tom Cruise jumping from buildings.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

The animated film of the arachnid superhero is still in theaters, so the figures offered by Box Office Mojo are not the final ones. This was for the critics Best animated film of the year. In general, the criticism is favorable and puts it above other animated films as The Incredibles 2. However, as soon as the box office the film does not surpass the heroic family. With just 4 and a half weeks in theaters, this film has raised more than 302 million dollars. Although this figure is not negligible, the animated version of Spider-Man has not yet surpassed any of the movies life action of Spider-Man.


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