Life warriors: 4 athletes who overcame diseases

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High-performance Latin American athletes have suffered in adversity, but never gave up and managed to rejoin their respective sports


Life warriors: 4 athletes who overcame diseases

Despite performing physical activity constantly, athletes are not exempt from suffering diseases or problems that affect their health. That's why, over time, situations have arisen in them, which initially demotivate them but become a reason to live.

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On many occasions, doctors tell them they can not do anything, but finally the mentality and the desire to get ahead arise in them. For this reason, they manage to overcome adversity in the best possible way, managing to reverse that situation and generating important achievements in their lives.


Later, after hard treatments, they were able to continue practicing the sport they liked, winning the toughest competition of their existence. LatinAmerican Post presents four cases of athletes who suffered hard diseases, but thanks to their perseverance they overcame this difficulty.


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1. A hard kidney cancer

The former Argentine goalkeeper, German Burgos, suffered a kidney cancer when he triumphed with Atlético de Madrid in 2003. Codigounico.com, highlighted that when it was diagnosed, 'El Mono' told the doctors to operate on Monday after the Weekend date.


The aforementioned media indicated that Burgos was operated with urgency, and afterward everything worked out in the best way, since he managed to recover. "After suffering from cancer, I'm not afraid of anything," said the assistant of 'Cholo' Simeone at Atlético de Madrid on the website as.com.


After the operation that was made, Burgos continued to cover and continues to enjoy football by advising Simeone in the club of his loves, Atlético Madrid.


2. Play despite a congenital deficiency


The goalkeeper of the Panamanian National Team, Jaime Penedo plays football, after a heart failure. The website, 12up.com says that this problem has generated an arrhythmia that increases with physical effort, but has not been a limit to succeed.


Penedo is a goalkeeper who has always stood out with the national team of his country, and he has always managed to stay active overcoming many things. However, in 2005, when he was 24 years old, he was ready to sign with Cagliari of Italy but because of his illness, nothing was done.


Lanacion.com stressed that he was going to sign the contract, but did not pass the medical review that would allow him to join the professional team. The doctors discovered a cardiac arrhythmia, and for this reason, ended up playing in the ranks of the Municipal Club of Guatemala.


3. Better than before


Brazilian basketball player, Nené Hilario, who currently plays with the Houston Rockets, suffered from severe testicular cancer. This situation was experienced when he was part of the ranks of the Washington Wizards, and for that reason was several months off the field.


The portal Europapress.es, said that after this long absence, he returned to the playing fields and stood out for his great performance. A tumor one centimeter in diameter was removed in one of his testicles in 2008, overcoming one of the hardest and most difficult moments of his life.


4. Overcome a leukemia


The Honduran football player, Osiris Casulá suffered from a chronic cancer that affected her blood and bone marrow. But the disease was detected early. The physical activities were the ones that helped her fight and overcome the disease. "When I got the news, I did not believe it, because nobody imagines that at 31 years of age he will have a disease," Casulá told Diario El Heraldo.


Later, he took an attitude and a positive mentality towards life, demonstrating that one can get ahead in the midst of difficulties. "I felt that God was giving me a new opportunity to fight for my life, I was grateful and at the same time anguished," said Osiris at the time.


Other cases


The Argentine Jonás Gutiérrez was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2013, was operated, and then returned to the courts totally healthy.


The former goalkeeper of the eleventh round, Carlos Roa suffered a testicular tumor, but he healed and played again with Argentina in Olympus.



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Translated from "¡Guerreros de la vida! 4 deportistas que vencieron enfermedades"

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