Latin America takes over the California Museum of Art

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Among the many improvement plans that Molaa has, is the creation of a center for the study of muralism

Latin America takes over the California Museum of Art

The California Museum of Art is in a stage of national and international projection, especially in Spanish-speaking countries. This is important as is including several aspects of Latin American art.

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As reported by its president Lourdes Ramos Rivas, this is the only museum dedicated exclusively to Latin and Latin American art in the country. Among the most prominent projects is the creation of a center dedicated to the study of muralism, which would be the first in its category in the United States.

These projects need strong capital support which is expected by the same Latinos who are the main stakeholders and contribute to the initiative, as it is in favor of the Hispanic culture.

Muralism is an artistic movement that began in Mexico in the early twentieth century, created by Mexican painters after the Mexican Revolution. Among the important works of this movement in the museum is the donation of a mural by Frank Romero, a great Chicano muralist who is in the process of being restored for his exhibition at the museum that is based in Long Beach, south of Los Angeles. In addition to seven other murals that were created for the Pacific Standard Time exhibition: LA / LA, which was donated by the Los Angeles Library.

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In this period of change that the museum is going through, it is sought to carry out development in conjunction with the international projection, the expansion of its physical plant and the organization and realization of novel events that call attention to the national level, international around what Latin and Latin American art is.

In addition, the Main Board is in the process of expanding with the addition of new members such as the founder and director of the publication ArtNexus Celia Birbragher, originally from Colombia and the president of AltaMed Cástulo de la Rocha (Mexican).


Lourdes Ramos Rivas is from Puerto Rican and is the first Latina woman to lead the Molaa, she is a doctorate in art and in conversations with the agency, EFE stressed that Latinos should help in the promotion of what unites us as a people, in this case, the art.

She told EFE that the project is in a preliminary phase and it will have an interactive center and a study center. Independent of the changes, the museum is safe in its work of service to the community, opening doors to schools, strengthening alliances with universities and keeping free admission (without cost) on Sundays.


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Translated from: 'Latinoamérica se toma el Museo de Arte de California'

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