Charlötte: an emerging Mexican illustrator

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Thanks to social media, Karla Hernández's illustrations have gained popularity

Meet Charlötte: an emerging Mexican illustrator

Karla Hernández Murguía is an emerging Mexican artist who carried out her studies at the Acatlán School of Higher Studies. Her artistic career began as a young project that was part of school competition, rapidly the artist gained popularity, more than she ever imagined.

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Her stage name is "Charlötte" and came up, in her words, because that is how her family calls her, so it is a nickname that helps her staying faithful to who she is, without completely losing her identity. The love for creativity is a family bond since her sister, although she uses other techniques and in general her perspectives are different from Charlotte’s, is an illustrator.

The artistic process of each person is different. In Charlötte’s case, she bets to illustrate directly where she will work (for example a notebook, a canvas), in this way her ideas flow more easily, and her technique works.

For many, the artist is one of the biggest promises in the industry. Among the colors that stand out in their work is turquoise and salmon, which show their clear tendency to romantic, femininity and nature.

The lines that give natural and delicate movement to her drawings are what marks her own style. This varies according to the support and theme where the artist is working. In the variety of textures and colors that his creations use, the characteristic of his work is based.


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Thanks to social media, her project suddenly grew. Her instance in the university helped her as a promoter for her works and it was there where he met the Mexican collective Yolka, which is focused on the illustration and creation of limited-edition products inspired by the flora and fauna of the Aztec country.

Species in danger of extinction and already extinct are those that can be found in these products. With them, he worked to create the ones that until now are his most representative illustrations: "El Pez Beta".


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Her strength lies in the digital part and is one of her inspirations. Among her strengths are working with watercolors, markers, and colored pencils. Her representations are mainly fish, birds, and some dolls; These give the viewer an air of oriental culture figures, for their colors and style.

The artist is working as an art director at Cocolab; She is co-founder of Sacrø Studio where most of her functions are branding. There are several illustrations that can be found in various products such as notebooks, cushions, stickers, mirrors or cases for cell phones.


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Translated from: 'Conoce a Charlötte: una ilustradora mexicana emergente'

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